Hi my name is and what do i do

  • Hi my name is and what do i do

    I was thinking why wont we be more friendly. Lets introduce our selfs.
    Let me Start.

    Hi my name is Vilho Vainio
    I live in Kouvola Finland
    Im 21 years old student of chemical industry.
    im 180 cm taal and my wheight is about 85 kg.
    Im a singel atm working on that ;)
    Most of music i lisen is metal or rock.
    I have one Brother who is also a member of last.fm
    my hobbies are karate, reading, fishing, singing (i just love Heavy karaoke), movies and i like sience documents.

    Please tell me some thing of you self

    Me want´s to be -----> "Creature- Ogre Samurai Shaman" <----- Me want´s to be

    Two litle goblins layed in the sun, Down came the griffin and then there was only one.

  • - Simon Martin
    - 14
    - Melbourne, Australia
    - Black Metal, Death, Grindcore.
    - 1 Brother, 2 Sisters
    - I Host www.Gore-Obsessed.com (Check It Out)
    - I Like Writing Stories =D (Go to my blog in my sig)

  • Hi :) ill have to read your stories... i just forgot to write on my introduction that i write poems (melancholy is my theme) and stories too (most of them are about Trolls goblins and orcs )

    Me want´s to be -----> "Creature- Ogre Samurai Shaman" <----- Me want´s to be

    Two litle goblins layed in the sun, Down came the griffin and then there was only one.

  • My name is Louise and I'm 17 years young :D
    I come from the little country Denmark (and NO, that's NOT the capital of Sweden!), where I've been living all my life. I live close to Copenhagen, which is a great city.
    I'm half British (my father's side), so I go to Britain like every year.
    I'm studying at a typical Danish gymnasium at the moment (propably similar to the American high school)
    I have a part-time job at a toy shop (Toys R Us?), and that's great fun yet hard work.
    Atm I'm single, but I don't feel sorry for myself :)
    I have a hard time describing my music - so hey, go check it out. This is a music site, huh? ;) But basically I hate genres - people get them all mixed up, and I really don't care what people call my musical taste (except if they call it good/bad)
    I have two brothers, one younger and one older, and my oldest brother has just had a little boy two weeks ago, so I'm an aunt now! :D

    And now I'm writing too much in this post :)

    Bla bla bla
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    • 24 Nov 2006, 10:17
    Hi :)

    I'm Karmen, I'm 14 and I'm from Croatia.
    I don't have a brother or a sister... So I don't have to share my room with anyone *evil laugh*.
    In my free time I listen to music, be on the Net and make new friends.
    Other people say I'm stubborn and lazy and I don't know what... Mostly my negative sides :).

    Oh yeah, and Im addicted to Last.fm. :D

  • "I don't have a brother or a sister... So I don't have to share my room with anyone *evil laugh*." well i have brother and i never have shared a room whit him so evlil laughts at you :P

    Me want´s to be -----> "Creature- Ogre Samurai Shaman" <----- Me want´s to be

    Two litle goblins layed in the sun, Down came the griffin and then there was only one.

    • jings said...
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    • 1 Dec 2006, 13:38
    - Kristina
    - 19 yrs old
    - Brisbane, Australia
    - Studying business management at uni
    - Have a casual job at a deli
    - Listen to indie rock/pop, pop-punk, hardcore punk, ambient, electronica

  • My name is Mari,
    I live in Haugesund, Norway
    I'm 17 years old
    In my second year of high school
    I'm 159 cm tall and about 50 kg.
    Singel enjoying it
    Most of music i listen is pop and rock.
    I have an older brother, who is quite nice sometimes (he is also a member of last.fm)
    My hobbies are listening to music (of course), reading, watching movies and hanging out with my friends

    Everything is flat and dreary
    I couldn’t care what’s in the news
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Dec 2006, 12:48
    My name's Bryan.
    I lived in California for about 6 years before I moved here, to Brooklyn, NY a month and a half ago.
    I was born in the Philippines, so I'm filipino.
    I'm 18 years old and I'm in my senior year of high school.
    I used to listen to a lot of alternative rock, but I now enjoy mellow music - independents, ambients, acoustics, eletronicas.
    I have 5 younger brothers.
    I don't have a job, yet.

  • Hi addicted people!!!
    my name is Kasia
    for about 9 months in year I live in Olsztyn (Poland) studying there law...for the rest few months I going to UK just for living my live...
    I'm 20 years old...
    my friends are everyting for me,they are love of my live and my hobby...
    nevertheless music is also a great part of me...it's so cool I've found last.fm ...
    have fun people:)

    >>SUPERGIRL don't cry SUPERGIRL just fly<<
  • Well let me be the first native born U.S. citizen to post in this thread. :P

    My name is Joe and I was born in the state of Massachusetts, USA and I've lived here all my life. Both of my parents are from Puerto Rico, so that makes me 100% boricua. I'm 16 and a junior in high school. I love my alternative and indie rock music and even a tad bit of hip hop. I have a younger sister and three older brohters, one of which also has a Last.fm and was probably most influential in forming my musical taste. I also like to write poetry and take photographs.

  • uuh an native U.S Citizen :)

    Whats new in that side of atlantic ocean?

    Me want´s to be -----> "Creature- Ogre Samurai Shaman" <----- Me want´s to be

    Two litle goblins layed in the sun, Down came the griffin and then there was only one.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 5 Dec 2006, 12:19
    I appear to be ancient compared to the rest of you, approx 18 years older than anybody in this thread so far.
    My real name is used by my dear old mother and her alone, everybody else calls me Don.

    I live in the UK and have done since leaving the Armed forces in '94.
    I have a fairly boring job as manager of a test centre (zzzz). I also have a job as a music reviewer, which is great.

    I'm single at the moment, which suits me fine.
    I can come across as a bastard, but get to know me and you'll find out I'm not actually that bad.

    Thing I like :
    My friends.
    My music.
    My cat (Poo)
    Chilled milk.
    Kinky sex.
    Rare steaks.

    Things I dislike :
    People who spout religious crap at me.
    The guy who lives in the flat above me. (Fat, idle cunt!)
    Commercial music of any kind.
    Reality TV shows.
    Celebrities who try to carve out a singing career. (Paris Hilton, fuck off and die!)
    And a huge list of other stuff.

  • Hi!
    I'm Tessa and I'm 18 years old (yeah, now I can get my drivers licence :D)
    Anyway, I'm working on my drivers licence ;). I study in Amsterdam (they call it Media and information management) and that's pretty cool. I still live in a small village called Noordwijk, but I'm going to move to Amsterdam/Amstelveen in 1/2 months :).
    I'm in love with my curly boyfriend. Hihi. He's really sweet <3.
    I love punkrock and emo.
    That's it :)

  • So we have now ex-Solidier and en emo/punk girl :D Thats nice :)

    Me want´s to be -----> "Creature- Ogre Samurai Shaman" <----- Me want´s to be

    Two litle goblins layed in the sun, Down came the griffin and then there was only one.

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    • 7 Dec 2006, 21:01

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    • speeeed said...
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    • 8 Dec 2006, 21:34
    - Patrick
    - 21 yrs old
    - Cologne, Germany
    - Studying informatics
    - Listen to rap, rnb, soul, alternative

  • Hey everybody

    I'm hayden_is_a_go!
    I was born in 1990, so I'm 16 (that's subject to change, see time)
    I live with my Mum and my sister in Victoria Australia.
    I'm a student.
    I listen to a lot of different music.
    I consider myself to be quite the movie buff and I am also a nerd, (see The nerd academy)
    That's about all I think.

    (This account is no longer in use. New account here; Marx)
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  • oh my my topick made it to the "Read First" section :) im happy.. but hey wellcome all :) and thx for introductions... Some "older" members could introduce them selfs too :)

    Maybe even Bhaart :)

    It would actualy be nice to know bit about each others :)

    Me want´s to be -----> "Creature- Ogre Samurai Shaman" <----- Me want´s to be

    Two litle goblins layed in the sun, Down came the griffin and then there was only one.

  • hi guys.
    my names bex and im from nebraska. gotta love all that corn, beef, and college football.
    i just turned 21 on december 8th.
    id really like to in the near future go to school for photography & film at virginia commonwealth university in richmond virginia.
    my brother told my about this site and truthfully i cant get enough of it.
    i thought i had a huge variety and wide taste in music. but really, everyone here blows me out of the water.
    id like to meet new people so feel free to say hi! =]

    BEX© does not cause cancer in laboratory animals.
  • :) Welcome and gongratulations for your birthday :)

    And lets hope that you will get in to that school of yours :)

    Me want´s to be -----> "Creature- Ogre Samurai Shaman" <----- Me want´s to be

    Two litle goblins layed in the sun, Down came the griffin and then there was only one.

  • -Hello my name is Claudia (Nickname:Alle)
    -I live in... Texas. I really wish I could move but I doubt it.
    -Im 14 years old and I'm a student in a crappy middle school.
    -I'm 5'9
    -I'm a heavy fan of the classics. (As you can see my fav. band is The Beatles)
    -I have three brothers and I'm the only female sibling in the house.
    -I love acting, singing, and dancing. But I give most of my time to music and last fm. (Hey I joined right?)

  • allo :)

    *Hey guysss, my name is Serena.
    *I live in Austin, Tejasss (SXSW! woo!)
    *I'm 17 years old
    (I was about to do the "years young" thing and feel all warm and original about something and then I realized someone else already said it. Haha)
    *I go to Leander High School and usually the Cypress Campus of ACC, but I'm taking this term and maybe next term off. I'm hoping to transfer to University of North Texas after I graduate to major in Journalism. :)
    *I'm 4'11 :]
    *Lately I've been listening to a lot of
    Young Love, Xiu Xiu, Architecture in Helsinki, Cursive, and of Montreal.
    *All I do is read, play video games, and go to shows every weekend.(not including school and work of course) :] It's a good life.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Dec 2006, 08:24
    Hi hi everyone, I joined a while ago but I didn't see this thread yet! ^__^;

    My name's Mark, I live in western Germany near Bielefeld.
    But all my family roots are from Poland. o=
    My parents just moved over, though.
    We might eventually move back, too. But first we'd need the money for that. xD;

    I love travelling, for which I'd need even more money. xD
    Although, I dislike money as such.
    I'm not rich, but I would not want to be rich, either.
    I love humble/modest terms. It's decent, but a lovely, good life. You apreciate what you've got. [x

    I'm 19 and I work at a company in the marketing part.

    I'm single, and it'll prolly stay this way. :D

    My music taste is weird and random; I listen to rock, metal (mainly melodic death metal? random random :D), pop, emo/screamo(?)/emocore, hardcore, c-pop, j-pop, classic, jazz, blues, folk, some punk accoustic, soundtrack stuff and the like, and much, much more. ;3
    Thus I'd say, I'm very random. But all in all, I love music, that's what matters.

    Lately I have been listening to Damien Rice a lot. He's awesome. <3
    I can't possibly limit myself to 10 favorite artists or anything, because I'd prolly say 10 different ones, each day.
    So basically, every artist is my favorite artist.

    I have a younger sister, but she's not on last.fm. Maybe I'll tell her to join today. oO lol

    My hobbies are drawing, hanging out with friends, skateboarding, reading and writing!
    I also like to have walks (or do some jogging) especially when the weather is nice!
    (E.g. a nice, warm spring morning. ('= Hehe ^^)
    I also love talking; sometimes I talk (spam!!!) too much. [x

    Ahh I also love smilies as you might have notice...Sorry for overusing them. xD (lol)

    Well, I guess that's enough for now. d= lol
    Prolly too much, sorry. D: I just like writing. x.x Owell ^^

    Have a nice day everyoneee! :D

  • Me

    Hi All
    If this you are looking for the oldest member, maybe I can enter
    I was 50 a few months back
    I am single (but working on that)
    with three children, one in university one ready for university and one not
    I live near Liverpool in the UK
    I am a Teacher of the Deaf and work in many schools around Liverpool making sure hearing impaired pupils are getting the best education.

    My taste in music is eclectic but defiantly based around the seventies (my time)
    That was the era just after the horse and cart was invented and just before the calculator. Yes I did my exams with a slide rule and log book (ask your parents). I spend a lot of time driving listening to music

    I have two degrees, 1) Fine Art. 2) Philosophy, Special Needs Education

    My hobbies are music, music, music, music
    I am an avid collector and love going to concerts big or small
    I also enjoy art and photography
    And occasionally I get out in to the scary wide world away from a PC where I take photos and admire the scenery.

    My favourite music is rock/blues. I also enjoy jazz, soul, funk, easy listening, and some of this and that.

    My favourite concert, very difficult, Black Sabbath or Jethro Tull or Meatloaf or most likely Groundhogs

    Best Guitarist would be the sadly forgotten Tony McPhee. Leader of the Groundhogs

    My Favourite country other than where I live would be Denmark, Germany then Austria
    I am planning in two years to drive around, with a Danish friend the coast of the Baltic.

    Other jobs in the past
    Building Labourer, Bank customer telephone line, Computer Graphics on Cam/Cad, Shop owner (stationery and greeting cards), Wholesaler (same), youth worker, graphics layout for a news paper.

    Said good bye baby, Baby got leave you now
    yes I did what I want, yes I killed that dirty groundhog

    Groove Cleaner (Vinyl Section)...@.
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