How to tell if it's good or not

  • How to tell if it's good or not

    What the fuck is it that makes music 'good' or 'bad'?
    I've heard so much music and sometimes I just throw my hands up in despair at it all!
    I'm so tired of switching on the radio and hearing music which I consider to be so SHIT it blows my mind that it even exists! HOW DOES THIS MUSIC MAKE IT???
    Anyway, my rant is over...for now

    • thecp said...
    • User
    • 28 Jan 2009, 06:17
    commercial music is all about the hook the catchy chorus or riff its often generic cos thats what sells music is art and part of culture but most of the music on the radio is made with the sole intent to make money fuck it weve got the internet to get good music for free and jeff buckley was in the charts again at christmas its not all bad

    I'm an artist please don't laugh at me
  • Indeed

    My faith is being rapidly restored by the incredible music I have been welcoming into my life recently!
    The Dodos, Bon Iver, CocoRosie

    So many many many more!

    Don't listen to what they tell you, listen to what YOU want to hear!

  • cocorosie for sure, small towns especially suck for good radio, so internet is my only source. and my self of course :)
    I uploaded some new tracks, idk if they're up though. this site confuses me.

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