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Leader: Lephrozy
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Created on: 12 Sep 2012
Description: group for the Hellenic horde Acherontas.


Formed 2007.


Acherontas V.Priest: Vocal, bass, guitar.
Saevus Helcath: Guitars.
Scorpios Andronoctus: Keyboards.
Tiphareth: Lyrics.
Gionata Potenti Drums

Live musicans:

Hierophant: Guitars.
Typhonios: Bass.
F. V.: Drums.

Past Members:

Porphyrion: Vocals.
Weibes Blut: Female vocals.
Parfaxitas 450: Guitars.
Enkwld: Guitars.
Assaru: Guitars.
Wolftran: Piano, keyboards.
Demogorgon: Bass, keyboards.
Akhkhar: Bass.
Kwazar: Drums.
C. Docre. Drums.
Krieg: Drums.


1. Tat Tvam Asi (Universal Omniscience) (Full length 2007).

2. ...for the Temple of the Serpent Skull...
(Split Necromantia/Acherontas. 2008).

3. Sic Luceat Lux
(Split Leviathan/Acherontas 2009).

4. Drowning the Light/Acherontas.
(Split Drowning the Light/Acherontas 2010).

5. Theosis. (Full length 2010).

6. Hermeticism (EP 2011).

7. 15 Years Anniversary of Left Hand Path Esoterica.
(Complication 2011).

8. Vamachara. (Full length 2011).

9. Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat.
(Split Crimson Moon/ Acherontas. 2012).

10. The Ruins of Edom.
( Split Nightbringer/Acherontas 2012).

11. Amenti (Catacomb Chants & Oneiric Visions)
(Full lenght 2013)

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