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  • Tour dates

    So help me out here: how if you are Matthew Herbert do you visit North American metropolises Cleveland and Toronto but not New York? Are we too primitive here on our islands? Do we perhaps worship the wrong god? Is it the salt water?

    Is he worried the great Astoria blackout will spread beyond the 100,000 people who haven't had power for a week and he'll have to play an all unplugged show?

    Tour dates for Accidental artists are here.

  • Aha. It seems Mr. Herbert came to his senses at some point and has added a New York date, on August 23rd.

    Looking at the tour dates I was reminded of something he wrote on the Plat du Jour site last year:

    Matthew Herbert said:
    one of the conclusions i have reached by doing this record is how something fairly radical had to change in my own life. it was going to be difficult to criticise apples being flown from new zealand to england all year round if i was then taking flights myself every weekend. i have therefore decided to stop flying on environmental grounds. since i have family in america, i will allow myself one flight a year. for everything else though, i will be travelling by bus, boat and train. when it comes to touring i will be away for 4 months of the year and then spend the remaining 8, working on music. after flying at least once a week for 10 years, i will also be delighted to leave the pitifully uninspired vision of the world presented to us by airlines and airports: a constant barrage of adverts for swiss watches, luxury resorts, executive golf magazines and cosmetics. it will also mean longer visits to each country and an opportunity to understand more of the local cultures we visit and to appreciate the lost art of travel. a part of the rising slow movement.

    Doesn't look like he's being that strict about it, though. Or if he is, I'd be really interested to know how he's going to get from Tokyo to Chicago by 'bus, boat and train' in 4.5 days.

  • Matthew Herbert

    New York date? Is anyone from the group going to go? Whoever does should tell him that unlike apples, musicians are irreplaceable.

  • talking_animal said:
    Is anyone from the group going to go?

    Oh, you're just taunting us!

    Looks like attendance might be a tad difficult for most of the group. But maybe takeyama saw him in Japan?

    NY and the following US dates are full band shows, not just MH and his gear, should be good. More details.

  • There's a dozen accidental fans here. Could I possibly be the only one with an overnight pass from reform school for that evening?

  • Four more European dates added to 'Scale' tour

    SEPTEMBER 2006

    Thu 21
    Location: Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival, Germany
    Venue: Reeperbahn Festival

    Fri 22
    Location: Lille, France
    Venue: Le Name Festival

    Sat 23
    Location: Lyon, France
    Venue: Biennale de la Danse

    Sun 24
    Location: Bern, Switzerland
    Venue: Bee Flat

    Links to venue websites on

  • New London date for SCALE tour

    Thursday 16th November

    at KOKO (Camden High Street)

  • Scale Tour & Matthew Herbert Big Band in Spain

    Matthew Herbert's Scale Tour will be visiting

    1. Bilbao on October 31st, at Rock Star Live
    2. Girona on November 2nd, at the Temporada Alta Festival
    3. Valencia on November 3rd, at Greenspace
    4. Cartagena on November 4th, at Nuevo Teatro Circo
    Follow the links on the Accidental site for venue details.


    The Matthew Herbert Big Band are playing a special date in Madrid on November 6th at La Riviera, info and venue details here. Lucky lucky Madridians!

  • Matthew Herbert Big Band in Madrid

    I´m one of those lucky "Madrileños" and i can say it has been the concert of the year!!!!!!!!!
    Saw him Djing before (also in Madrid), and he was cool, but listening to him and the Big Band was awesome!.

  • Big Band Show in Madrid

    I was there too, was amazing, Best show. The crowd were up for it.

    I've heard a new big band album will be out some time in 08. Can't wait. Hopefully there will be a tour. if anyone hears of any dates let me know.


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