The Truth Behind Blackground Records/Aaliyah's Death. *READ DESCRIPTION*:

  • The Truth Behind Blackground Records/Aaliyah's Death. *READ DESCRIPTION*:

    "I know you're wondering why I am making this video and my reasoning behind this video because I am fed up with blackground lies and how they manipulate us Aaliyah fans consistently we've sat back for to long and watched blackground silence us out! us Aaliyah fans been waiting for music for about 11 years and we finally get it and the music is done horrible and her music is being sold to RAPPERS and SINGERS who don't even DESERVE to be on the same song as her? prime example CHRIS BROWN? they even tried to get rick ross and trey songz to produce her album.. honestly Drake was the best PICK because he did actually care but he came to his senses and pulled out the album when he found out the background and history with BLACKGROUND... this video is to showcase the lies and all the flaws in AALIYAH's untimely demise... lets speak on how y'all didn't want NONE of Timbaland records to be singles because yall felt they were 'horrible' et's TALK ABOUT how y'all forced Aaliyah to go shoot rock the boat video when more than a woman was the second single. LETS talk about why y'all deleted yall facebook? and HIDE on twitter reading every comment but scared to tweet? et's tell them how you were cheating Timbaland out of money for YEARS and tried to black list him but the shit back fired. ET'S tell them how Diane , Michael , Rashad CUT y'all the FUCK OFF because of the sneaky shit y'all were doing. LET'S tell them how Aaliyah planned to leave you label then she suddenly dies T'S speak about how you STILL owe the producers from Aaliyah's last album and still didn't pay. ET'S tell them how drake was FUNDING the whole album and you sold him half of Aaliyah's VOCALS but he pulled out the project TELL them how yall put Aaliyah and her crew in a horrible resort where they were mistreated and hardly running water and food Aaliyah still feeding YOU and your fucking kids and their kids kids you fucking sick ass bastard that was the plan. Diane Haughton tried to warn and protect us from this but we were delusional because we wanted new music Barry you're disgusting. and Aaliyah fans make sure you check out these VERY informative links: Barry Hankerson Sexual Harrassment and Stalking Case Barry Hankerson Truth Behind the Record Label " via Nevaeh
    Watch the Truth Behind Blackground and Aaliyah's Death Here Aaliyah

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    • 24 May 2013, 15:41

    Go Neisha!!

    I hope this gets out more so maybe someone will do something right!

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