I Hate Hip Hop's leaders views on hip hop

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    • 28 Jun 2009, 23:29

    I Hate Hip Hop's leaders views on hip hop


    I don't have any problems with hip hop, if the song is good. But I haven't found any song that gives pleasure to me.
    It was important for me that anybody could join a group without being kicked, because he listens to some hip hop. So "hate" in the group's title is just a metaphor for "not like". Listening to some hip hop must not mean that you generally like it.
    So my main thought was founding a group that is no exclusive club. It's just a pool - so I think the members of "Anti I Hate Hip Hop" don't really understand what this group is for. They start to argue like "They just see the commercial hip hop and gangstas and condemn the good hip hop for no reason" - this group doesn't give a shit about "gansta hip hop and good hip hop". It doesn't like both of them...

  • Just read through that forum...

    About half of the posts on there say they hate it because it sucks. No basis for the hate or anything it just sucks. Then there's the idiots who use the same cliches over and over again...there's too many bad words, violence, drugs... Not one person has a legitimate reason for hating hip-hop. There's no use in arguing with them though they are too ignorant to open their minds to good music.

  • I don't think I've ever found a hip-hop hater who isn't arguing based on ridiculous stereotypes.

  • I showed some love in the shoutbox of their leader. >< Fuck the hating I ain't a hypocrite. I think more should do that.

    Their leader is _ _ _ _ _ _ thro, he's hating people because he personal don't 'like it'. That's equal to hating everyone that likes coffee or broccoli because you don't like that taste. sigh.

    I dislike screaming metal or classical music. But to say I hate is a step to much. Also it seems their leader is also quiet obsessed with our group and hiphop :)

    • DomeHo said...
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    • 26 Jul 2011, 11:05
    Yeah? The shouts here aren't really better. Don't get me wrong, I don't like those idiots, too.

    Freeze mothafucka!
    • Joshnsg said...
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    • 11 Dec 2011, 00:50
    drunk hiop hop is cool

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