• Marvin Gaye Live: Required Listening!

    11 Jan 2006, 03:38 by pjebsen

    I recently discovered a great (funky and soulful) Marvin Gaye live album at my favorite alternative to the iTunes shop, emusic, title: "Live in Montreux 1980".

    I fully agree with the following review at

    "Backed by a stellar band, Gaye exercises and stretches each song to its elastic limits, proving again why he was the yardstick by which all other live performers measured themselves, as well as further solidifying his reputation as one of the most consummate live entertainers of his generation."

    The "stellar band" sounds very funky! According to emusic, it featured Lonnie Liston Smith (keyboards), Gordon Banks (guitar), Frank Bates (vocals), Frank Blair (bass), plus
    Parliament/Funkadelic's and Bootsy's Rubber Band's Rick Gardner (trumpet) and Richard "Kush" Griffiths (trumpet) ().

    This album can be downloaded for 25 US cents per song (or less) at emusic. (If you use the aforementioned link, you get 50 emusic downloads for free. If you don't like it, you just have to cancel your membership. I had planned to do that myself but ended up raising my download limits because I found so many great songs at emusic.)

    One word of warning, though: If you're not a hardcore Marvin Gaye fan who needs everything ever recorded by him, do not get the emusic album "Performance 1983 North America Tour". The sound quality is a disgrace! (I downloaded the album myself - despite the warnings by other emusic reviewers - because Marvin Gaye's performance is excellent in some of the songs, and because there aren't too many albums with live performances of '80s songs like "Sexual Healing".)