Free and legal Post-Rock to download.

  • although it isnt post rock, most of you here would like this album
    maudlin of the well - part the second

    its free, just google it!

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  • 413 New Album - Path to Hocma Free Download! The new 413 LP 'Path to Hocma' is now available. This album could be marked as conceptual, but as time goes by you’ll be able to see how it turns into something more than that, a multidisciplinary task that will be growing through the years and will be shaping and expanding itself amongst different ways of expression, not only musical but human. Once again, it’s been recorded without any kind of amplifiers, with no guitars, and lacking the need of entering a studio… just with an electric bass and the willing and happiness of creating. Every step of the production is again in charge of 413: composing, interpretation, recording, production, mixing, mastering… But relying on the interpretation on the voices of: Urko Eizmendi (Krilin), Joseba Ruiz (Dazein) and Rubén González (Cohen).

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  • Here is a list of free download artists I have. (I'm sure some here already linked some of these.) Most of them are downloadable on However, some of them were from redirects from their myspace pages or blog pages. I don't remember which ones weren't downloadable from, so just do some google searches.
    One thing I notice is if you come across a fairly obscure artist (generally with less than 3k listeners) on, if you check their myspace page they sometimes have a link to download their music.

    Adolf plays the jazz
    All Angels Gone
    American Green
    Asfandyar Khan
    The Autumn Project
    The Best Pessimist
    Beyond the Dune Sea
    Blind Place
    Circadian Eyes
    Double Handsome Dragons
    EXIT project
    Final Light
    French Teen Idol
    Good Morning, fridge buzz
    Help! The Captain Threw Up
    I am waiting for you last s..
    Képzelt Város
    My Angel Sleeps on the Other Rail
    Nice Wings, Icarus!
    noise room
    Our Ceasing Voice
    Petrograd In Transit
    Puffin on My Side
    The Quivering Forest
    Rosa Parks
    The Same But 100 Times Better
    Sleep Dealer
    Tokyo 2005
    What the Blood Revealed
    Years Of Rice And Salt
    Yeti Island
    Белые Флаги Зажигайте Медленно
    Последние Каникулы

    A lot of these are phenomenal artists, some are fairly decent. There is only one that I couldn't get into, Petrograd In Transit. But I'm sure someone out there will love them. My favourite artists of this list are félperc, Képzelt Város, Последние Каникулы, 417.3, Sleep Dealer, and Years Of Rice And Salt

    Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar... and doesn't.
  • On Volcano

    Download finnish indie/post-rock/shoegaze band On Volcano's new EP for free:

  • I just found out Exxasens - P O L A R I S is available for free download after having listened to them on here for quite some time. The files have no ID3 tags, just as a heads-up.

    Some more new additions as of late...
    Félperc has a new free album
    Colour For A Rebel
    From The Sky
    Oracles Always Lie
    Tim, Face Berlin

    Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar... and doesn't.
  • Pan Spherics

    First album "Nebula" (2010)


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