Post-rock with singers

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    • 6 Sep 2007, 22:09

    Post-rock with singers

    Hi there.

    Most of post rock bands are instrumental, but I´m looking for some bands who have singer/vocals ´cause i just know sigur rós and aerial.

    Could you guys please recommend me some good post rock bands with vocals?

    Thanx for helping me ;)

  • lampshade, aereogramme?

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    • 9 Sep 2007, 08:04

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    • 9 Sep 2007, 09:10
    I´ve tried to get into Aerogramme but I found them a bit soft. Anyways, I´ll tray again.
    Múm? Is it good? How does it sound?

    Thanx for the hints!;)

  • Múm is very good, I recommend the album "Finally We Are No One"

    check out:
    -The Album Leaf
    -Immánnu El

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    • 9 Sep 2007, 18:25
    iLiKETRAiNS ... no other

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    • 11 Sep 2007, 22:18
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    • 14 Sep 2007, 17:35
  • iLikeTrains are so, so terribly bad.

  • I wouldn't call múm post rock, but they are a quality group.

    Labradford, and Low (Low is more minimalism/slowcore than post rock though, look up their CD "Last Night I Dreamt...")

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  • Audrey, A Silver mt. Zion, newer Envy stuff

  • Envy kicks some serious ass!

  • SkogRoar said:
    iLiKETRAiNS ... no other

    Yup, their awesome.

    ASMZ have vocals

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    • 29 Sep 2007, 18:02
    iLiKETRAiNS are okay
    Meanwhile back in communist russia are rather good

  • I'm getting into Stafraenn Hakon, some of their songs have vocals.

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    • 30 Sep 2007, 02:28
    check 8mm Sky. they're pretty amazing

  • Jesu.

    Not sure if that counts but hey, if Mum does then so does Jesu.

  • Try Junius

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    • 10 Oct 2007, 11:44
    Oceansize incorporates a lot of post-rock elements in their sound. I am the Morning is a good example, though that song in particular is one of their few instrumental tracks.

  • Check out Redjetson. They are pretty much what you are looking for, and pretty damn good to boot.

  • First band that came to mind and no-one has mentioned it yet: EF! They have a really good debut album, you should really check it out

    Another nice one that I just discovered: Jenniferever. Hope this helps you out :)

  • tingsquared said:
    Try Junius

    Amazing band, for sure.

    Anyways, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band is my favourite post-rock ensemble with "full-time" vocals.

    & even though it doesn't count, there are really cool vocals in "Father Death/Mother Nature" by Sparrows Swarm and Sing.

    • juan421 said...
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    • 22 Oct 2007, 01:35
    I don't know if you could call Broken Social Scene Post-Rock or not. Either way, it's good.

    Check out Gregor Samsa, Souls Vibrating In The Universe or Crippled Black Phoenix.

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    • 24 Oct 2007, 03:52
    Aurore Rein from Wisconson use vocals, but I find them a bit weak.
    Speaking of weak, there are also the Weak Men who use sparse vocals.

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