What about Krushed 'n' Sorted ??

    • dawidl said...
    • User
    • 6 Sep 2006, 09:53

    What about Krushed 'n' Sorted ??

    They started the whole label, after all? Besides, only they and Felix are the real African Dopes... :-)

  • DId you mean for me to add them to the list?

    All done! Im slightly new to last fm.... just learning the ropes!

  • add constructus too...


    so you are managing this group annaliza? good job!! there can never be enough people promoting african dope music!

    "You don't have to be evil to be cool" - waddy jones

  • Yup yup I am managing it... I love African Dope!! But we need to recruit more members!!! And I dont have a clue how to post pictures! Im just going to have to figure it out!!

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