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    Good Morning/ Afternoon /Evening Ladies,

    A long time ago I posted a link to the video to "komponent" from apparat in my jornal. I watched it again yesterday and began to think about the lesbian themed musicvideos I know.
    I came to the conclusion that I don't know many.
    Three, to be correct.

    The First one of course:

    I like the song and the story of the video somehow..

    The second and third one were posted on afterellen.com.

    I'm not so sure if I like this video..OR the song..one of the girls isn't exactly what I call 'eyecandy' ..

    and the third one:

    Hanifah Walidah - Make a move
    I like this video and the song. enough said..

    Now, prove me that I only don't know the thousands of lesbian musicvideos out there and post 'em here! :)
    (and please spare me All the things she said from tatu...;) )

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  • I agree with you on the second video, it wasn't the most pleasing to watch lol.

    I only know of two other videos:

    Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko

    It's interesting, and begins well enough, but the ending is just bizarre.


    Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up

    This is the uncensored version, so it's very graphic. It's definitely an interesting concept, but I can't say that I like it.

  • I liked the shiny toy guns things..I didn't know the song and I guess have to check out more by them.
    the spider in the vid well..erm okay..whatever *lol

    and the prodigy vid I don't like. just because I hate vomiting.

    thanks for sharing :)

  • No problem. =) I agree with you on both accounts. The whole arachnid thing was confusing (to say the least). The band is really good though, and supposedly the lead singer is lesbian/bi.

    I don't like the Prodigy vid either, but I thought that I would post it anyway. I wish that we had something decent to post lol, the best was probably the one by Komponent.

  • I found this one while I browsed youtube today

    Goth Girls Are Easy

    I never heard of the band, I don't like the song, I don't like the vid but well...at least we can IMAGINE that they are flirting (just forget the stupid ending..)
    btw..the bandname is kinda..strange..

    oh and maybe I should mention this one

    Liebe ist alles

    Gays and straights are kissing and having sex..not exactly lesbian themed but oh well...

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  • Well, this music video isn't exactly lesbian themed, but the gay/lesbian couples in there are just cute to watch.

    First Day of My Life

    I want more videos like this *pouts*

    "I got lies to tell your children."
  • hmm...this are daniela sea and her girlfriend bitch, right? I have seen this video long time ago..
    thanks for posting :)

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    • 9 Feb 2007, 23:48
    oops... i posted twice..:S

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    • horsec said...
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    • 9 Feb 2007, 23:50
    KanKan - You Don't Love Me

    this is a song from Taiwanese singer Kangkang.
    a boy and a girl are good friends. but girl fall in love with another girl.:P

  • Yep, that's bitch and daniela sea. adorable couple, i think :]

    in the new Bloc Party musicvideo for "The Prayer" is a pretty nice lesbian couple with a pretty nice kissing scene. :>

    "I got lies to tell your children."
  • The video for "Tony the Beat" by The Sounds has a few lesbian scenes, as well as a lesbian overtone throughout. The lead singer, Maja, is bi. The video also has cameos by Leigh Lezark and Cory Kennedy. Overall, it's a pretty cool video.


  • Hi all. New to the group. Noticed you hadn't included Tatu's 'All The Things She Said' in your discussion. They are unfortunately fake lesbians, but there is a lot of kissing in the rain and a nice coming-of-age storyline to the song. Find it at:


    I'm also a bit of an addict to those videos that people have made themselves which features clips from lesbian films in a montage to a song. Obviuosly these aren't real music videos but certainly make up for the lack of those available.

    for a song called Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional which features Alex and Marissa from the OC.

    which is a lesbian movie montage to Rufus Wainwright's cover of Hallelujah. Shows scenes from Fucking Amal, Bound, Boy's Don't Cry and Monster.

    is a montage from Better Than Chocolate, But I'm a Cheerleader, Lost and Delirious Imagine Me and You and Saving Face. The song is Mia - Breathe Me.

    Sorry that I couldn't find many proper videos, I will keep on the lookout!

    Let's start a femme revolution.
  • I dont raelly I get the Komponent one. was the redhead using her girlfriend or something?
    anyway heres another video

    Rasmus - F-F-F-Falling

  • Kookykitkat said:
    Tatu's 'All The Things She Said' in your discussion. They are unfortunately fake lesbians, but there is a lot of kissing in the rain and a nice coming-of-age storyline to the song.

    eh ,I dunt think they're 'fake lesbians', they've never say anythig like Oh we r gay at all. but I do agree that they used the whole kissing on stage thing to get attentions. fortunately they havent been doing that much since they dumped the old manager (they kissed on stage twice after 2004) anyway I personally think their 2nd album is very good and u guys should definately check it out

  • anyway I personally think their 2nd album is very good and u guys should definately check it out

    I agree, I like that album too and they both said that they really loved each other at that time, but in the end do not want to label themselves.

    @apparat: I think she sacrificed herself for her girlfriend.. but I'm not that sure. just think that it's a lovely video.

    @rasmus: I hate the rasmus but the video is ok (the kiss is not really sexy but hey lol xD we'll take everything)

  • I have seen this:

    @sarah warns afterellen column (which I really like btw).
    Dragonette - I Get Around
    I kinda like the song and I like the vid..
    To quote Sarah:

    "...."I Get Around" from the hot new Canadian band Dragonette. Sadly, lead singer Martina is married to the bass player, Dan, so she's not actually gay in real life. Nor is she a champion tennis player. But the video is hot and pro-lesbian, so I'm willing to overlook that detail"


  • Sarah - Labyrint

    This is a Dutch singer, so most of you won't understand the lyrics, let me know if you want me to translate them...
    I think Sarah is really cool, she's totally kick-ass(although in this vid she may look diva-ish).
    Have fun! :)

    Music is my hot hot sex!
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    • 20 Jun 2007, 14:59
    PLACEBO [ protege moi ] xD CENSURED

  • Valeria - Girl I Told Ya

    not sure about the song OR the singer..but I kinda dig the short haired girl

  • something new...

    Dice by Thomas Dybdahl

    ppl making out..lesbians too. because we always have to remember that lesbians are ppl too! what am I saying..

    and because girls making out is so much fun to look at, The Lovemakers put two..or three very short pieces of that in this little musicvideo

    The Lovemakers - Shake That Ass

    and made a whole 'girl x girl' video as well because the first one was not as much fun filming as the second! who can blame them?

    The Lovemakers - internet girlfriend

    is someone else reminded of the scissor sisters? I know I am..in a not so positive way.
    I'm also not very fond of the lyrics..
    "Don't forget that I am your boyfriend. we live together and we have cat"?
    geee that's so lesbian, no wonder she got herself a girl!

    just for the sore eyes and to make your day a little better:

    Kirsten Price - Magic Tree

    when everything else seems 'urgh' just stick to the L..

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 Jul 2007, 17:34
    Kirsten Price - Magic Tree
    i love that song

  • Simian Mobile - Hustler

    I don't really like this vid, it is just to 'porno' for my taste..but they keep sending it to me so I thought I post it here anyway
    (song is ok though..)

    • schreie said...
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    • 28 Aug 2007, 06:38
    本能 by 椎名林檎 (Instinct, by Shiina Ringo)

    The song itself isn't about lesbians, (lyric translation here), but they decided to go with a lesbian couple to show that the song has no gender, from what I recall.

    It's a pretty short scene, really, and Shiina might be an acquired taste.

  • ah shiina ringo! i love that song and loved her for years..totally forgot that vid though..
    thanks for reminding and sharing :)

  • I don't know if you'd really call it "lesbian themed", given what the song's actually supposed to be about, but, umm... I'm definitely a fan of the video. :D

    In case you haven't seen it...

    Ciara - Like a Boy

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