[MND-NET-001] - VA - Artists of Mind Noise Disintegration

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    [MND-NET-001] - VA - Artists of Mind Noise Disintegration

    Compliation of tracks from releases of MND / one track - one artist / releases from 1 to 21


    .you hack the aye - Flight Of Wounded Behemoth
    [Br]om - Kha-ha
    BBDWAH - Cycle of Night
    Diabolical Tamagotchi - riot on the eurostandart bydlomarket
    Earth Incubator - Sexual Noise
    GTI - akt 3
    Headless Kamikaze - stop your fear
    Illnathix - Disco_In_Massacre_Club_Ending_With_Beautiful_Dawn_Of_Our_Era
    LN 313 - Dark Space
    MrRK - _m_play3a midi
    Obozdur - Circle1_11
    Praxisfeelder - Extraterrestrial Being
    Psychocide - Your Life Is Scum
    Red Label Noise Factory - Поколение Дерьма
    Sakiba - ---
    Third I - Isolation
    †Jimmy The Beaver† - Прививка от Сострадания
    День Расплаты - хПсевдо-СхЕх
    Трудовые резервы - Соседи
    я умирал 1000 раз без надежды на светлое будущее - Интерлюдия для прелюдии вечных поллюций бесрайних тихих морей
    взгяд на волны которых заставлял задуматься

    artists: http://mindnd.narod.ru/artists.htm
    tags: Mind Noise Disintegration, sludge influenced instrumental noise rock, lo-fi, punk, noise, experimental, jazz, free jazz, ambient, dark ambient, extreme 8-bit, 8-bit, harsh ambient, harsh noise, cybergrind, grindcore, IDM, avant-garde, vg music style, breakcore, 8-bit psycho punk, hardcore, indie, guitar noise, industrial, raw
    punk, crust punk, melodic punk rock, funny noise

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