Post new bands that sound like 90s hardcore

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    • 15 Sep 2007, 08:22

    Post new bands that sound like 90s hardcore

    If you love 90s hardcore, but tired of listening to the same old records over and over again, then This thread is for you.
    Let's post myspace links for new bands that have definitely had influences from the 90s sound and style.

    Melodic Straight Edge with influences such as Unbroken, Lifetime, Judge, Trial:

    Modern hardcore with alot of Unbroken, 108 and Inside Out vibe, but with a lot modern style songs in the vain of American Nightmare and such:

    Influences: Strife, Trial, Ensign, Judge, Earth Crisis, H20, No Warning, Turning Point, Carry On:

    INfluences: Outspoken, Strife, Judge, Trial, Inside Out, Unbroken, A Chorus of Disapproval

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    • 15 Sep 2007, 08:48
    Influences: Earth Crisis, Strife, Trial, Unbroken, Inside Out, Cro-Mags, One King Down, Undertow, Outspoken, Mouthpiece, Chokehold, A Chorus of Disapproval, Judge, Snapcase, Union 13:

    Influences: Absolution, Burn, Culture, Indecision, Inside Out, Mean Season, Mouthpiece, 108, Outspoken, Refused, Snapcase, Threadbare, Trial, Unbroken, Undertow:

  • make sure to check out el eterno enemigo from Buenos Aires, Argentinia. New record will be out soon.
    Influences: outspoken, unbroken, turning point, mean season, mouthpiece, Focused, Endpoint, Falling Forward

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    • 31 Oct 2007, 13:45
    Definitely check out I Rise!

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    • 12 Nov 2007, 23:24
    Check this bands pf Santiago Hardcore, Chile...

    *Against All My Fears
    Influences: Refused, Unbroken, Mean Season, Temperance, Turning Point, As Friends Rust, Burn, Shield, Doughnuts

    * Tiempos De Honor
    Influences: Earth Crisis, One King Down, Trial, Autocontrol, Strife, Path of Resistance, Culture, Birthright.

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    • 21 Jan 2008, 07:32
    I like Against All My Fears.

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    • 24 Jan 2008, 23:17
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    • 15 Feb 2008, 19:49
    It prevails doesn't really sound like the 90s. Influence from Shai Hulud though.

    • xklanex said...
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    • 13 Jun 2008, 18:41
    amazing band from Chile, sounds like early Strife from Utah, sounds like mix of Journeyman, Mean Season and Unbroken

  • lots of great metallic hardcore bands from the chilean santiago-hardcore scene. 100% melodic deathmetal free.

  • Gorgona
    Influences: celtic frost, black sabbath, integrity, gehenna,the swarm, ringworm, lash out, slayer, cro-mags, the icemen, led zeppelin

  • check out hoy es el día, hope you like it :)

    (influences: chokehold, struggle, morning again, birthright, etc.)

  • outrage!

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    • 5 Dec 2009, 19:37
    hardcore straight edge from brazil!

  • Xibalba.


  • Unrest. should have all of you moshing.

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    • Jaz_D said...
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    • 24 Apr 2011, 18:45

    PROOF - hardcore/metal - Bucharest,Romania

    check out PROOF - hardcore/metal - Bucharest,Romania. Our official facebook page is: Download our EP "Blood Money" here:

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