Does anyone know the name of this song ...???

    • courtzd said...
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    • 26 Jan 2008, 10:08

    Does anyone know the name of this song ...???

    Ok i only know this bit.. but if you know the name could you hook me up please >.. THAnx :D

    (Not sure if these are entirely correct)

    I want be afraid to speak my mind to you... Ohhhh
    Lets get naked .. And do what we wanna do .. (Lets get naked)

    They say sleep is the cousin' of death
    So my eyes wide open cuz a dream is kin to ya last breath
  • song is: Let's get Naked

    The group was Highland Place Mobsters. Most known member was Dallas Austin. The same guy that helped A.B.C. with their Playground single.

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