Were you alive in the 80s and what hardcore bands did you see?

  • Were you alive in the 80s and what hardcore bands did you see?

    Circle One at Godzilla's in San Fernando was my baptism into hardcore punk.

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    • kukatz said...
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    • 19 Dec 2009, 14:20
    i live in an small town in Croatia where were no HC people before me, so i get into it via records before the actual gigs, a band called Obnoxious from Denmark that played my hometown somewhere in mid 80's was the first real HC band to see it live. they were great but i still can't find any info about them, don't even know if they had any recordings. well, that was hardcore :)

  • local heroes the scoundrels several times..
    bad brains, suicidal tendencies, mdc, attitude, 7 seconds, gang green, circle jerks, scream, fugazi, no means no, victims family, jingo de lunch, electro hippies, raw power, spermbirds, ...

    • Oyml said...
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    • 1 Jan 2010, 05:25
    I grew up in the middle of nowhere but still managed to travel to some shows. My first was the Circle Jerks in about 1986.

  • I was in The Pukes (NJ), Corporate Pigs, and Brain Vacation and saw hundreds of HC bands in the early '80s from Boston to D.C..

    Here are a few of the best (in terms of live performance):

    Bad Brains
    Minor Threat
    Black Flag
    Meat Puppets (yes, they started out as a hardcore band)
    Government Issue
    Heart Attack

    the most well-known bands that my bands played with were
    D.R.I. and
    Agnostic Front

    Musical Bug Repellant

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  • I was rather late on hardcore as I came to it via thrash metal. So my first real hc gig was bad brains with negazione as support.

  • Yeah, I'm an old guy...

    Best band I ever saw were Bad Brains UK '83...this is also the only time I have ever seen a skinhead get whacked with a flute!


    Hi There!
    I'll be 42 this year, started going to see hardcore bands as a 15 year old in March of 83' (ANGRY SAMOANS, SSD, DYS) mostly in Boston, some in Providence and Connetticut(?) Here is my list if you care, probably incomplete, compiled from memory, ticket stubs, and flyers:Accused, Adolescents, Angry Samoans, Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, Battalion of Saints,Blaast, Black Flag, Cro-Mags, Circle Jerks, C.O.C., Crippled Youth, D.R.I., DYS, Cancerous Growth, D.O.A., Dag Nasty, Descendents, Die Kreuzen, Doggy Style, F.U.'s, Fang, Freeze, Gang Green, Govt. Issue, GBH, HuskerDu, Ill Repute, Jerry's Kids, JFA, Kilslug, Marginal Man, Meatmen, Murphy's Law, Minutemen, Negative Approach, Necros, Proletariat, Psycho, Poison Idea, Riistetyt, Raw Power, SNFU, SSD, Suicidal Tendencies, Siege, 7 Seconds, Scream, 76% uncertain, Subhumans, Samhain, Slapshot, Scared Straight, TSOL, Void, Verbal Assault, Youth Brigade, youth of tday. Some several times(all in the 80's)....guess that's about it, if you want to chat about any of the old gigs, if you were there or not, drop a line.......have a good one.

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