New Bauhaus Album!

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    • 19 Dec 2007, 07:11

    New Bauhaus Album!

    A few days ago both of the official MySpace(s) for Bauhaus and Peter Murphy announced there is going to be a new album titled "Gone Away White", which is supposed to be on sale on March 4 of 2008.

    I think two of the singles will be called "Adrenaline" and "Endless Summer of the Damned", two new songs they released while on tour with NIN.
    I'm unsure if "The Dog's a Vapour" will be included, maybe it was just a song for the soundtrack of Heavy Metal 2000.

  • Yeah,I know.I only hope their last album will be better than the "return" of the Sisters,so...After all,the upcoming album will be not as the old ones,I'm sure.But well...that's a question of tastes and time!

  • Go Away White: Out in March 2008?

    This news has been going on for quite some time, I think.

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  • "The Dog's A Vapour" is on the prerelease version that's floating around on Soulseek. Track 9 of 10.

  • New Bauhaus

    HI, I realize this is an older post, but yes,the music is avail. for streaming preview online now (if not for purchase -- didn't check recently). Apparently some band friction doesn't bode well for Bauhaus staying together (no tour?)
  • This Album was amazing. The first time i heard Saved i was hooked.

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    • 22 Apr 2009, 03:51
    It makes me sick mostly.

  • I don't care for their 2008 album much. My favorite will always be Crackle.

  • Is anyone going to be catching Peter Murphy on his current tour? I'll be seeing him in Orlando March 26.

    I've seen him live with Bauhaus, but never solo - looking forward to it (looks to be a small club tour).

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