This Group Is Too Good An Idea To Die

  • This Group Is Too Good An Idea To Die

    Well.. it is.

    How bout some postings? I'm in a group or two with less than 10 members and we have more postings than this.

    a licky boom boom down
    • llehcin said...
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    • 25 Apr 2007, 16:58
    The 70's is my era. I love everything about that decade, especially the music. Back then radio would play different types of music on the same station. Growing up I'd hear everyone from Elton John to Marvin Gaye. I loved the way everything was embraced and nothing was forced down our throats music-wise. Nowadays you hear the same song every 20 minutes on the radio. Thank God for Ipod. Its all I listen to now. Lately I've been on a mission to find those artists who "started it all". Its been an eye-opener as I listen to certain newer artists and discover who they stole their style from.

  • A memory for (almost) every top 40 hit

    I was a teenager (way back when in the 70s). Because of top 40 hit radio, I know the words to all sorts of songs by bands, and not just of bands that I bought albums of. And a lot of these songs are related to different events of the time. So, for example, I hated the Bee Gees (really hated disco), but their songs make me think of high school dances or the clothes they (uh, we) all wore back then. In that sense, punk and all that came after it didn't come soon enough to North America (including North Vancouver)
    Or what about Led Zeppelin (say, 1974), the lengths of guys' hair at the time, and how everyone had to work out their own way of dancing to Stairway to Heaven? Or quirky songs like Cover of the Rolling Stone (Dr. Hook) that you had to listen to a zillion times (if you managed to tape it off the radio) in order to remember the lyrics so that you could impress your friends. No, no Googling for lyrics back then.
    The end of the 70s signalled my switch from AM to FM radio, and a search for the kinds of music that I liked.
    After that, I could never listen to one station for longer than 1-2 songs, and usually just played my own records and tapes (except while living in LA, e.g., KROQ). Man, thank God for the internet, and Last FM!
    I'll stop waxing nostalgic.
    Somebody else now!

  • hmmm, to break the nostalgia just a bit...I remember that even back then the AM stations played the same songs over and over...who can forget how often "American Pie" came on the radio? Still, these were awesome songs! Geez, I think today if the Beatles or Cat Stevens came out with a song they wouldn't play it on mainstream radio. Mainstream radio really sucks now!

  • Is this a functional unit?

    Yeah! Top-40 radio with a wall of sound: no dead air allowed, seguing from one hit to another. Anybody remember WLS (Chicago)? John "Records" Landecker, and the boogie check of life?

    "Life is a rock....WLS rolled me!"

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