• The ' Odyssey Desaster '

    19 Oct 2009, 15:09 by goldione

    These bands and projects share the name "Odyssey" (so far known at

    1. an U.S. billboard charts scored dance act from New York - formed as "the Lopez Sisters" (Carmen, Lillian, and Louise) in 1968 ... Going Back to My Roots Native New Yorker Inside Out
    2. a Swedish progressive metal band (search: )
    3. an U.S. psychedelic rock group, see Setting Forth of 1969
    4. a German eurodance project, see Talk to Me
    5. a Greek project name used by Vangelis
    6. the artist name of an U.S. drum & bass producer, see Expressions
    7. the later name for the band Oracle
    8. an U.S. Motown album by a pop group from 1972, Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love and Battened Ships , see: Odyssey album.
    9. the solo group of Iced Earth's drummer Brent Smedley
    10. a Polish electronica/ambient project by Tomasz Pauszek (also known as RND).
    11. a Brazilian hardcore band (search: )
    12. a Romanian folk-rock band ( )
    13. a Pakistan progressive metal band (search: )

    I will never understand why bands don't look into music history before they claim a name - BUT - even back in 60s and 70s they didn't care - when those THREE U.S. projects ( the "Progressive" one from 1968, the "Motown" one from 1972, the "disco act" from mid-seventies) did start this whole confusion -
    they finally did cause to a future internet service by the name of ;-)

    At least METAL-related groups did later overkill-use this group name, search for ~16 (=SIXTEEN) metal-related groups and projects, luckily not all of those did release records.

  • Check out new song and videos

    10 Sep 2009, 11:34 by DAZ110264

    Go to to check out RealTobacco's new song "Singalong song" and a couple of videos on the home page of UB40 by 2B40 performing live.
    Love and Piece
    Daz x
  • 10cc is back? | 2007 Tour Newsflash

    11 Mar 2007, 04:37 by goldione


    MARCH 8, 2007

    10cc Tour 2007 Newsflash

    Graham Gouldman telephoned Dave today to ask him to let you all know that Kevin Godley will be appearing on stage with Graham and the band at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London on the 16th March... Kevin will be doing two songs but they’re keeping the titles of the two songs close to their chests at the moment. He also announced that hopefully Kevin will be joining the band on stage at the St David's Hall in Cardiff on the 9th of March as a bit of a warm up because it is such a long time since Kevin was last on stage. Graham said that Kevin will be doing 1 song at Cardiff.

    In other news, Lol Creme and Trevor Horn are working together as 'The Producers'.
    More details along with video and audio can be found on their myspace website

    ...copied to 10cc group.

    Godley and Creme
  • Small Talk

    28 May 2008, 10:35 by DAZ110264

    Small Talk

    A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the airplane when the
    stranger turned to her and said, 'Let's talk. I've heard that flights
    go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow

    The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and
    said to the stranger, 'What would you like to talk about?'

    'Oh, ! I don't know,' said the stranger. 'How about nuclear power?' and
    he smiles.

    'OK, ' she said. 'That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask
    you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same
    stuff - grass - . Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out
    a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you
    suppose that is?'

    The stranger, visibly surprised by the little girl's intelligence,
    thinks about it and says, 'Hmmm, I have no idea.'

    To which the little girl replies, 'Do you really feel qualified to
    discuss nuclear power when you don't know shit?
  • Marillion - Wolverhampton - Monday June 11th 2007

    13 Jun 2007, 21:32 by DAZ110264

    Well I thought I'd go to Wolverhampton earlier tonight as to get a decent parking space. They were queing round the corner of the Civic Hall and I felt proud to be a part of these faithful fans. I wore my Porcupine Tree - FOABP Tee Shirt and I ended up standing next to a guy from Bilston wearing the same shirt, Paul thanks for the beer man. We looked like bloody twins lol.

    Mr. So & So took to the stage and played their opener which was just like a bog standard rock and roll song. I thought oh no we ain't in for 45 minutes of this rubbish are we?? They turned it round on their second song and turned out for me to be a great Prog Rock support. They played a track where Steve Rothery joined them on guitar "Coup de Grace" also the backing vocalist Charlotte sang some powerful, Haunting vocals and sent shivers down my spine. I enjoyed them so much I purchased their CD for a tenner.

    Well I started talking to a bloke in the interval and shared a fag and had a beer with him and he said his crew were right at the front and would I join them so I did. Wow what a view right in the middle at the front!!!
    Splintering Heart started playing and on walked H followed by the rest of the band. They played a great mixture of songs and suprisingly only played about five from the new album. Highlights for me were Fantastic Place, Neverland, Seperated Out and Afraid Of Sunlight. I think it was the best I have seen Marillion they certainly were on top form and the audience too. They played Man Of A Thousand Faces and I thought how are they gonna get the choir effect at the end?? Well guess what??? The audience were the best choir you could have got on the night, FANTASTIC.

    I have heard a rumour that they will be touring again later in the year? I hope this is true as I can't wait too long to get my Maz Fix!!!

    Thanks for reading this review.

    Daz x
  • Look At How Hard I Work?

    10 May 2007, 22:49 by DAZ110264

    Well I wish I was playing at my own wedding?
    This is the set list for the wedding we are performing
    at tomorrow night in Knowle. Don’t you wish you had
    a class act like Retro80 performing for you?? LOL

    Set 1
    I RAN

    Set 2

    Set 3


    For Retro80
  • 10cc - Ipswich Regent - 24th March 07

    25 Mar 2007, 17:47 by zepmeister7

    Set List:

    Wall Street Shuffle
    The Things We Do For Love
    Good Morning Judge
    I'm Mandy, Fly Me
    Life Is A Minestrone
    Art For Art's Sake
    Bus Stop
    No Milk Today
    Look Through Any Window
    For Your Love
    Silly Love
    The Dean And I
    Building A Bridge To Your Heart
    I'm Not In Love
    Dreadlock Holiday
    Ready To Go Home
    Rubber Bullets

    Due to illness, what was supposed to be the first night of the tour became the last night of the tour and I think the audience at Ipswich's Regent Theatre felt the benefit of this. Last Nights are always more inclined to incur a party atmosphere and, with the previous postponement (a Last Sitting For The Second Supper, if you like) of the tour's opener, we certainly got that.

    It was an evening of The Dean And Us, as Liverpudlian singer/songwriter Dean Johnson provided the support and did a sterling job, undertowed with typical Scouse humour.

    10cc founder member Graham Gouldman took to the stage with longtime 10cc musicians Rick Fenn and Paul Burgess, together with multi-instrumentalist Mike Stevens and percussionist/singer Mick Wilson, bursting immediately into Wall Street Shuffle safest of openers, before slowing the pace a bit with The Things We Do For Love. The legendary complex 10cc vocal arrangements were expertly shared out between Wilson (who sang like a bird behind his percussion set and bongos, thus reminding me of Jellyfish's Andy Sturmer, another vocalising drummer who felt the need to dispense with the drumstool), Gouldman and Fenn. After Life Is A Minestrone, Rick Fenn played an instrumental pieve that eventually morphed into the quasi-reggae ofArt For Art's Sake.

    Next up was one of the highlights of the show. Many people forget that Graham Gouldman wrote a number of classic pop songs in his pre-10cc days in the Sixties. And now, in a small acoustic set, we were treated to most of them. Bus Stop andLook Through Any Window were recorded and made famous by fellow Mancunians The Hollies, No Milk Today was offered toHerman's Hermits and For Your Love was one of the songs that brought the legendary Yardbirds to a wider audience. Indeed, it could be said that For Your Love is one of the most important songs in Rock Music history. The reasoning behind this bold statement is that is that Yardbirds' guitarist Eric Clapton disliked the song so much, he left the band. This allowed Jimmy Page to join, come to the fore and be in a position, when the Yardbirds split, to set about putting together his own band, which eventually became Led Zeppelin. So in a round about way, I think I am justified in arguing that if it wasn't for Graham Gouldman, Led Zeppelin may never have existed ; and i dread to think what might have happened to rock music if that had been the case. So, Graham, once again, a heartfelt Thank You.

    This celebration of Graham's songwriting was followed by a trio of early 10cc fare, Silly Love, The Dean And I and Donna, which hit #2 in UK in 1972. Typical 10cc humour emerged here when a recording of a mobile phone ringtone was deftly inserted immediately after the lyric Donna's waiting for the phone to ring, deservedly bringing a ripple of laughter from the audience.

    Graham introduced the next song almost apologetically by saying that it wasn't 10cc but then shrugged his shoulders, intimating "so what??". In the early Eighties, Graham formed Wax with Andrew Gold. In another slice of classic pop, Gold and Gouldman wrote the incessantly catchy Building a Bridge to Your Heart.

    Next came what probaly most of the audience had been waiting for, I'm Not In Love. Graham and Co received a standing ovation after this song, which was followed by the full-on reggae of Dreadlock Holiday.

    Ready To Go Home, another collaboration with Andrew Gold was the encore, a song that a-ha vocalist Morten Harket covered on his album Wild Seed. The final song was Rubber Bullets, a fitting finale - even the lyric when Uncle Sam is the one who belongs in the exercise yard brought a wry cheer from some quarters - rounded off by a stirring saxophone solo by Mike Stevens.

    Very 10cc. Very wonderful.
  • Review Pages of Progressive Rock

    1 Nov 2006, 14:01 by goldione

  • Zombies live is great... with one exception

    10 Sep 2006, 19:08 by sethdw

    I saw the Zombies play last night... yes THEE Zombies, who last night included Colin Bluntstone, Rod Argent, Jim Rodford on bass (from Argent and 80's Kinks !), his son on drums, and some idiot wanker 80's session player on lead guitar. The band sounded great and all was wonderful until this dude's selfish, almost metal solos pop up every other song or so. He was pretty obviously hired for the tour because he played the two harder rock Argent songs really well. Rod Argent's great and tasteful organ solos made up for the uneccessary wanks, and Colin Blunstone seemed displeased but cordial when this moron was using COLIN'S mic stand to finish off the garbage headbanger solo on "She's Not There"(!!!), which he totally ruined. Sucked most of the joy for this perfect song right out of the room on that one. He might have been especially showing off because I kept giving him the thumbs down after all his solos, but man, he deserved it and more of a scolding. He's on stage with the legendary Zombies playing fast 80's guitar solos that where stupid in the 80's.
    Anyways, they played two Argent songs, 4 songs from Odessey and Oracle, and 3 or 4 really early Zombies songs. The last song was the first song they ever recorded, Summertime by George Gershwin which was soft, pretty, and outstandingly good. And I'm sure their guitar player hates playing it (ha ha).
    The show was "Little Steven's Garage band circus" or something like that, and includes 20-25 minute sets by Phantom Planet, Boss Martian, The Woggles and mooney suzuki. All were pretty good bands except Phantom Planet who were pretty shitty. But we just went to watch Zombies and specifically Colin Bluntstone. I was hoping to get an autograph, but Colin wasnt around before or after the gig. Rod Argent was around before the gig, incognito wearing a long blonde Edgar Winters wig that made him look more british than he actually is. I thought "oh, that must be Rod Argent."
  • Your favourite 10cc Album? How dare you!

    19 May 2006, 16:49 by goldione

    Your Favourite 10cc Album?

    i always thought 'How Dare You!' is my fave progressive pop album of 10cc (after 20 years listening to TOS, HDY and BT (mostly))
    but since yesterday suddenly
    i had to 'bend my knee(s)' in front of Gouldman & Stewart's 'Bloody Tourists' -

    surely one of the BEST concept POP albums ever, too.

    And so i 'vote'

    1. Bloody Tourists | Bloody Tourists
    1. How Dare You! ...because of Godley & Creme's 'progressive contribution'! ;-)

    2. The Original Soundtrack ...because of Godley & Creme

    3. Deceptive Bends

    but ALL of those 4 are outstanding albums,
    of course...!

    Bloody Tourists - ALBUM

    (O: Bloody Tourists (!))
    (ORiGiNAL Tracklisting, the listing at LAST.FM 10cc is wrong! ;-) )

    01 Dreadlock Holliday
    02 For You And I
    03 Take This Chains ... (O:Take These Chains)
    04 Shock on the Tube
    05 Last Night
    06 Anonymous Alcoholic
    07 Reds In My Bed
    08 Lifeline
    09 Tokyo
    10 Old Mister Time
    11 From Rochdale To Ocho Rios
    12 Everything You Wanted to Know About!!!

    other projects of 10cc members
    Wax - Hit Single: Bridge to Your Heart
    Hotlegs - Hit Single: Neanderthal Man
    Ramases released at Vertigo Label

    Graham Gouldman's IMDB Entry:


    Kevin Godley

    ...originally posted and tagged to
    10cc group forums