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Created on: 16 Mar 2010
For anyone interested in artists that have achieved over 100 listeners but still wish to strive to overcome the next milestone. And then they can get kicked out of this group for having too many...

Lo and behold picture this scenario!!

You are a budding artist that has just been established and hopes to gain promotion over lastfm.

"HAHA!!" You will shout!! As the number of listeners next to your adored project rises and rises, excelling through the ranks of the single digits!!

And with this comes new opportunities on your door, from trolls spam tagging your with some homophobic innuendo, to a guy who's never listened to your music promoting their own music in your comment box, the most useful tool to the artists blossoming into the adolescence of the underground music scene's firm bosom is the groups.

These groups allow us to find people who would be interested in our music, as well as finding new discoveries of our own that we can grasp with our claws and caress until they are as stimulated as we are by the beauty of the project.

However, it's the groups that help the underground groups excel in listeners and gain promotion that I feel are the greatest fighters of them all, they're not here to turn the group system into some sort of clique where the sausage rolls are removed from the table and tossed asunder to the canvas where they are rearranged to look like some kind of diarrhoea. NO!!! These groups will take in whoever wishes to progress, and allow them to.

So for those of you that have just been disconnected from the under 100 listeners group, FEAR NOT!!! Because I am hoping that this new group will allow these links and connections to allow you to ascend to something greater OVER 200 LISTENERS!!

Anyone that has an artist they wish to promote or connect with the relevant amount of listeners is more than welcome. Or if you are an elite multi-million-listener artist who wishes to find something rich and virginal to the cherry popping industry they are more than welcome to prowl.

Prowl into the laptop land of radio smother pencil cases.

Oliver [founder and former leader]

P.S. (If this group remains dead and everyone hates the idea I have no problems with deleting the group)

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