favourite song??

  • favourite song??

    I love: that green gentleman and when the day met the night

    und natürlich nine in the afternoon :))

    Panic at the Disco

  • We so starving,Behind The Sea.....and so on

    let's be friends
    It's not easy love but you've got friends you can trust
    Friends will be friends
    When you're in need of love they give you care and attention
    Friends will be friends
    When you're through with life and all hope is lost
    Hold out your hands cause friends will be friends right till the end.
  • Oh!! Maybe She Had A World, Behind The Sea and of course Mad As Rabbits)))))

    On the top of the world you get nothing done
  • From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins

  • Definatly nine in the afternoon, build god then we'll talk too

  • oh my goodness, i absolutely love northern downpour.... but i love all the rest so much too... but i think i love northern downpour the most because it's just so melodically gorgeous.

    |||`':;,. much love.,;:'`|||
  • Wow that's hard!

    I love Northern Downpour, but When the Day Met the Night is great too. There's a Reason These Tables Are Numbered is an old fave of mine, She Had the World really speaks to me, and Nine in the Afternoon just makes me smile. I can't decide on one, but those are some of the best in my opinion.

    ~Do you ever just watch the clouds?~
  • Nothern Downpour, She had a world, Behind the Sea...

  • =)

    When the day met the night, folkin around, i have friends in holy spaces, behind the sea... hmmm fast jeder song ist mein liebster :D

    ..>>Take a chance,
    take your Shoes off,
    dance in the rain!...*
  • !!


    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 14 Oct 2009, 18:24
    behind the sea & she had the world.
    ; *.

  • She had the world, Nine In The Afternoon, The Piano Know Something I don't Know.... all of them!!

  • Northern Downpour is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I'm also quite fond of WTDMTN and Folkin' Around

  • she had the world, do you know what i'm seeing?, the piano knows something i don't know, and mad as rabbits. haha i'm kinda indecisive

    i used to love that green gentlemen, but then something really awkward happened one time while i was singing it, so i cant listen to it anymore :'(

    "it might get you on the charts but it won't get you in their hearts" -William Beckett, The Academy Is...
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Jul 2010, 18:18
    Northern Downpour !
    Mad As Rabbits !
    When The Day Met The Night !

    sooo awesome <3

  • I love all songs in this album)))

    Все, о чем я мечтаю - это круглосуточный вид Нью-Йорка из моего окна и твое отражение в зеркалах моей ванной по утрам.
  • From a mountain in the middle of cabins
    I have friends in holy spaces
    When the day met the night

  • Pretty Odd <3

    Every song is amazing, but my favourite is northern downpour

  • behind the sea, northern downpour and she had the world

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Sep 2011, 16:24

    pretty odd

    behind the sea (ryans voice is amazing), when the day met the night and mad as rabbits. <3 love all old songs too

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