• Sequence of Discord - New EP "Namaste", Russian Progressive metal

    20 Oct 2012, 23:15 by nnm_nlstnm

    Sequence of Discord
    Russian progressive metal /djent band formed in April, 2011 by Sergey Oficerov and Max Maly.
    The first composition "In The Middle Of Nowhere" literally was born in an hour. This collaboration between Max and Sergey reached over 40,000 views in Youtube just in a couple of months. Along with that success SOD got a lot of positive responses and requests for an album.
    The instrumental EP "Namaste" was released 7 October 2012 and available for free download.
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    Sequence of Discord - Namaste (2012) FREE Download

  • V/A "Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings" (actually) out now

    13 Nov 2010, 13:35 by Varkung

    The compilation "Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings" was actually set for release last Friday (October 29). Unfortunately, due to a combination of production and delivery problems, the CD edition won't be ready to ship before this week. Every pre-order that we already received will be shipped as soon as possible. However, the LP version is available now.

    Order "Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings" now!

    Read here some of the amazing press feedback to "Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings":

    "Tip of the month!" ZILLO
    "Special tip!" LEGACY
    "Compilation of the month!" 10/10 Punkte ORKUS
    10/10 points METALGLORY.DE
    10/10 points METAL-SOUND.NET
    10/10 points METAL.TM
    9,5/10 points NECROWEB.DE
    9,5/10 points THE-PIT.DE
    5,5/6 points MEDIENKONVERTER.DE
    5/6 points METALLIAN (FR)
    4/5 points INFERNO (FI)

    "This sampler is going to be a paradigm of artists' compilations of this kind for a long time!" ORKUS
    "A highly recommended compilation of timeless quality." ZILLO
    "Due to its atmospheric coherence and intensity, 'Whom The Moon ...' would even function as one band's album!" LEGACY
    "A perfect example for an artistically successful compilation!" ROCK TRIBUNE
    "A must-have release!" RITUAL
    "With 'Whom The Moon ...', Prophecy Productions are truly setting a high standard for conceptual compilations by releasing an anthology that is compelling from start to finish and, by virtue of its common theme, comes across as a total work of art!" THE-PIT.DE
    "All lovers of moody and acoustic music should purchase 'Whom The Moon ...' as soon as it is unleashed. Prophecy really took care of everything possible. Mandatory!" METAL-SOUND.NET
    "'Whom The Moon ...' displays a tremendous firework in honour of nature. Every single song captivates with dense atmosphere; you just feel how much passion for detail each artist put into their work. Buy it!" METAL.TM
    "Rarely does a compilation sound so consistent, and rarely has an attempt at a concept-bound anthology of music been so effective!" MEDIENKONVERTER.DE
    "Perfect, an absolute masterpiece! This is going to be a classic among compilations!!!" METALGLORY.DE
    "A romantic work of art that never loses its common thread. This isn't simply premium quality, this is essential!" TWILIGHT-MAGAZIN.DE
    "A piece of music that is the perfect soundtrack for autumn and winter. This is a complete success and comes highly recommended!" AMBOSS-MAG.DE

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  • HELRUNAR: "Sól" release dates and cover artworks revealed

    13 Nov 2010, 13:28 by Varkung

    Helrunar's "Sól" will be out on December 31, 2010 in Germany and Austria, on January 3, 2011 in the rest of Europe, and on February 8, 2011 in North America. The album will be available in three versions:

    1. Sól I – Der Dorn im Nebel (Digipak CD)
    Part 1 of the concept album. Musically, "Der Dorn im Nebel" establishes the concept of "Sól" with classical and direct , while the lyrics outline the individual's struggle against and for himself.

    2. Sól II – Zweige der Erinnerung (Digipak CD)
    Part 2 of the concept album. With "Zweige der Erinnerung" the struggle of the individual reaches a new dimension: Supported by Pagan Black Metal that is more experimental and more complex in regard of atmosphere, the focus here lies on the individual's conflict with society.

    3. Sól (2CD artbook edition)
    The band's principal offering; it unites both CDs and contains a 50-page large-format book which expands the song lyrics into the dimensions of a classic drama and presents exclusive illustrations and a preface by Skald Draugir.
  • ANTIMATTER: Second sound sample of "Alternative Matter"

    13 Nov 2010, 13:28 by Varkung

    After last week's acoustic version of "Flowers", we are happy to present you the enhanced acoustic version of "In Stone" today as a second excerpt from Antimatter's anniversary compilation "Alternative Matter:" ANTIMATTER: In Stone (acoustic, enhanced)

    "Alternative Matter" can still be pre-ordered as Digipak 2CD and limited artbook edition (3 CDs, DVD, and 104-pages book) in Prophecy's online shop!

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  • ANTIMATTER: Pre-order possibilities and first audio samples for "Alternative Matter"

    10 Nov 2010, 20:37 by Varkung

    Antimatter's compilation album "Alternative Matter" will be released on November 29th, 2010, and can be pre-ordered in two versions from Prophecy's online shop:

    "Alternative Matter" premium artbook edition (3CD+DVD and book with 104 pages):
    This strictly limited (1,000 copies) artbook is published in broadsheet format (29x29 cm) and cloth binding. Apart from three audio CDs with altogether 29 tracks and a playing time of over 130 minutes, it also includes a DVD featuring an ANTIMATTER documentary as well as the video clips for "Epitaph" and "Conspire." The 104-page artbook features a band biography penned by Mick Moss and a wealth of photos documenting ANTIMATTER's career from 2000 to the present.

    "Alternative Matter" Digipak (2CD): The double-CD edition comes in a noble Digipak and includes 22 tracks with a playing time of over 100 minutes.

    If you pre-order the artbook or the Digipak edition, you will also get an exclusive ANTIMATTER postcard signed by Mick Moss for free!

    In order to get attuned for the release of "Alternative Matter," today we provide you with the acoustic version of Antimatter's classic track "Flowers," featuring Anathema's Danny Cavanagh on guitar and vocals: ANTIMATTER: Flowers (acoustic)

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  • LIFELOVER: "Konkurs" re-release due out end of November / pre-order possibilities

    10 Nov 2010, 20:36 by Varkung

    A re-issue of Lifelover's infamous third album, "Konkurs", will be the band's first release on Prophecy. Originally released in 2008, "Konkurs" paints a bleak, dystopian vision of modern urban despair with fractured fragments of , , , and . Truly a love-it-or-hate-it experience, Lifelover's proudly defiant "Konkurs" will forever alter your perceptions of what can be done to "black metal" or even "extreme metal" in general. On November 29th, 2010, "Konkurs" will be available in two different editions: as a standard jewelcase and as a Digipak 2CD, featuring the sought-after "Promo 2005", the very first LIFELOVER material ever recorded! Both versions can be pre-ordered from Prophecy's online shop now:

    "Konkurs" (CD)
    "Konkurs" Digipak (2CD incl. "Promo 2005")
  • NUCLEUS TORN: Pre-order possibilities and first audio samples for "Andromeda…

    10 Nov 2010, 20:36 by Varkung

    "Andromeda Awaiting" and "Travellers," the two new releases from Nucleus Torn, will be released on November 29th, 2010, and can be pre-ordered from Prophecy's online shop now.

    "Andromeda Awaiting" (A5 Digipak CD)
    Their new studio album and the conclusion of the conceptional trilogy that started with "Nihil" (2006) and "Knell" (2008). "Andromeda Awaiting" opens up new realms of sound in the field of avant-garde rock music and is NUCLEUS TORN's most daring and ambitious album to date.

    "Travellers" (A5 Digipak CD)
    "Travellers" is a compilation of the band's early works and includes the entire output of NUCLEUS TORN between 1998 and 2002 (the EP "Krähenkönigin" (1998) and the mini CDs "Silver" (2000) and "Submission" (2002)) as well as two previously unreleased tracks from the recording sessions for "Nihil." A true feast for all fans of this extravagant ensemble from Switzerland!

    If you pre-order any of these releases, you will also get an exclusive NUCLEUS TORN postcard signed by Fredy Schnyder for free!

    As a foretaste of "Andromeda Awaiting," today we proudly present you the song "Andromeda Awaiting II".
  • ANTIMATTER: "Alternative Matter" due out end of November

    16 Oct 2010, 12:12 by Varkung

    On November 29, ten years after the recordings of their debut album "Saviour", Antimatter release "Alternative Matter", a retrospective of another kind. This is not a standard best of album, but a compilation of exclusively unreleased recordings and alternative versions from the archives of the band, compiled by ANTIMATTER mastermind Mick Moss with care and passion. "Alternative Matter" features demo and acoustic versions of well-known ANTIMATTER songs, live recordings, remixes, and also new recordings which have been conceived especially for this compilation. And in their entirety all these songs tell a yet unknown ANTIMATTER story.

    After months of intense work on his anniversary compilation, Mick Moss himself is very pleased with its outcome: "The amazing thing about this compilation is that these pieces were set to tape in many different places during a period of over ten years, yet collected together they form a coherent and united new listening experience, a fascinating alternate history that sounds unlike any prior ANTIMATTER album. I would love to be able to hear this collection in its entirety with fresh ears for the first time, but that’s now for the listener to do."

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  • NUCLEUS TORN: "Andromeda Awaiting" and "Travellers" due out end of November

    16 Oct 2010, 11:44 by Varkung

    On November 29, two albums by Nucleus Torn will be released: the new studio album "Andromeda Awaiting" as well as the compilation of early works "Travellers".

    "Andromeda Awaiting" provides the disillusioned, yet conciliatory completion of a conceptional trilogy that was startet with "Nihil" (2006) and "Knell" (2008). As on the two precursors, NUCLEUS TORN are creating a new sonic realm on "Andromeda Awaiting." This acoustic and ethereal production blends elements of with influences from (Middle Ages, Renaissance) and as well as and .

    "Travellers" comprises all NUCLEUS TORN releases from the times before their debut album "Nihil": the EP "Krähenkönigin," which was recorded in 1998 and eventually released in 2004, the originally self-produced mini CD "Silver" (2000), and the demo CD "Submission" (2002), which was only released as a CD-R back in the day. These early works are now to be presented to a larger audience for the first time. The compilation is topped off by "Leadless" and "Lurking," two previously unreleased songs from the sessions for their debut album "Nihil."
  • DORNENREICH: "Flammentriebe" tour 2011

    9 Oct 2010, 19:37 by Varkung

    In the 15th year of their existence Dornenreich present their seventh studio-album "Flammentriebe" via a unique live-show: a double-set including everything from acoustic intimacy to passionate ecstasy. Both the metallic as well as the acoustic side of DORNENREICH will be combined for these concerts. DORNENREICH will be joined by their special guests Agrypnie which rose from the the ashes of the German Avantgarde-Black-Metal-Ensemble Nocte Obducta.

    presented by ORKUS, LEGACY & METAL.DE

    10.02.2011 DE - München / Backstage
    11.02.2011 AT - Klagenfurt / Volxhaus
    12.02.2011 AT - Wien / Szene
    13.02.2011 DE - Nürnberg / Z-Bau
    14.02.2011 DE - Dresden / Puschkin Club
    15.02.2011 DE - Berlin / K17
    16.02.2011 DE - Essen / Turock
    17.02.2011 DE - Trier / ExHaus
    18.02.2011 DE - Stuttgart / Haus 11
    19.02.2011 CH - Uster / Rock City