What's your favourite character?

    • dotTomi said...
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    • 8 Nov 2007, 20:58

    What's your favourite character?

    Okay, the usual question.

    What character do you like the best?

  • Man, that's so typical (and boring) question… But it seems nobody have replied here. That's unexpected.

    Ὑπόθεσις: Everybody is too scared to admit that they like Rin, Mimi or Kuro–chan (and her cute clothes and nekomimi). And those who like boinHōin–sensē, believe that it's wrong to say that aloud since she's already legal (and hence no fun). :>
    Oh wait, looks like we have 5 girls in group. Aoki–sensei anyone? xD

    • siirsp said...
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    • 15 Nov 2007, 20:59
    I like rin, not gonna lie.
    though kuro and hōin are probably the funniest characters

  • Mmm... My fav character is Rin without hesitation ! She is just too cute and I like his character :p

    Though I like also Kuro and Mimi... But well... Mimi is not my type of girls and Kuro... Well I don't know~ In fact I like Rin since ep2 when she was with her sensei ~

    ~Primula ga suki desu~
  • Rin or Kuro, probably Rin.

  • kuro =) that's sure thing ...
    rin-chan is kind of too straight >_<

  • Usa

  • Aoki

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