• This is My 2012 atm

    2 Aug 2012, 04:55 by Pseudomancer

    Joyce Manor is post-pop-punk. Ew, did I just type that? If you ever listened to blink-182 or Greenday, you should listen to this.

    Big Baby Gandhi & Chippy Nonstop have put out the two most interesting rap albums, outside of Lil B. BBG has a bit of Heem, but it's all good. Chippy is just perfect over five tight songs.

    I'm sure BBNG have released some shit this year. And it was pretty good, too.

    Free music time!

    My favourite mc to ever come out of Canada is Shad. He just released a little ep called melancholy and the infinite shadness. For fans of clever wordplay and a chill flow.

    Purity Ring's Shrines is kind of like the Silent Shout of 2012. Watch this space.

    Muknal, both on the split with The Haunting Presence and on their self-titled, is such a wonderful band. It's apparently death metal, but to me it's some of the very best lo-fi metal I've ever heard.

    The split between Adversarial and Antediluvian is probably my favourite death metal of 2012. If you've heard it, you know how heavy it is.

    Sharpz called Plague Widow blackened grindcore. Totally apt tag. Very, very good album.

    I think I like Huntress the way other people like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest.

    AOTY so far: none yet