Top 3 places you would like to live in.

  • 1. Japan
    2. Brazil
    3. Jamaica

  • first... OMG! someone want to visit my country xD (brazil)
    funny :P

    so... the list ♥
    1. Japan
    2. Europe
    3. Finland


  • 1. Malmö, Sweden - where I live now because I love this city.
    2. Los Angeles, USA
    3. Vancouver, Canada

    No. I would not want to actually live in Japan. Not for real. I don't think I'd adjust well to the Japanese way of life... And just to redeem myself I might add that I'm probably gonna study one semester at Hiroshima University <.<

    • iHolic said...
    • User
    • 26 Oct 2009, 23:12
    *has a go*

    1. USA
    2. Japan
    3. South Africa

    ✖ H O L I C ✖
  • 1. Japan, bcoz i like all about japan
    2. France, there's a lot of romantic place :p
    3. England, i like english primiership

  • Umm Japan!!

    LOL Nagoya...harajuku!! lol
    But korean men are hottest so maybe i'll go there first!!!
    hmmm Idk Aichi is cheap to live in but not as pretty...
    but i really want to go to seoul and Taegu/// The men r pretty f'n hot!!!

    Japan Pride>>>Stright from the streets of harajuku<<<<
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Nov 2009, 17:39
    I would like to live in:

    1. Japan (becuase I love their culture, music and people, also to study the language)
    2. England (because everything, culure, language... I do not know how to explain, but I love...)
    3. Filand (because of the weather... XDD)

    Oh, it's really, 'someone want to visit my country xD (brazil)'
    c'mon.. here in Brazil is so hot...^^

  • -New York.. because it never sleeps
    -Paris.. because I like food
    -London.. because it's a great place for artists

    Why not asia?

    Too many ppl look like me!
    No but seriously.. the language(s) is/are too difficult to learn.. and I just love multicultural places which you don't really find in Asia.

    • Dak77 said...
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    • 24 Jan 2010, 11:17
    1. London
    2. Tokyo
    3. Paris

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Jan 2010, 13:34
    1. Los Angeles
    2. Miami
    3. New York

  • Japan ( :

    • shinino said...
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    • 2 Feb 2010, 17:32
    well I like to live in Japan :X is my favourite country and after this I think I like to live in France is romantic there :D..and finally I think is in Switzerland don t know why maybe cuz I have friends there and is very beautiful ^^

    "Why you ask? The answer is obvious. Because I want to." - Akihiko Usami
  • 一 Japan
    二 New Zeland
    三 France

  • 1. japan
    2. netherlands (my current place)
    3. america

  • 1. Japan (what a suprise :])
    2. Korea ( very close to japan)
    3. USA ( i love NBA )

    "Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a Mediator, and this must be the heart.'
  • 1: Japan! Big surprise! XD Osaka Japan! Maybe Okinawa.
    2: Mexico. Family home-land!! :D ¡Viva la raza!
    3: Germany. Ja, Deutchland ist ehrfürchtig.

    音楽 黒死 ヴィレ ヺン 黒死の死神 ¡Viva La Raza! Forever 80's

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    --jimi hendrix
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    • masicz said...
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    • 14 Mar 2010, 20:19
    1: JAPAN <3
    2: Korea
    3. anywhere in Asia !

    • lteddyl said...
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    • 25 Mar 2010, 20:10
    1. Toshima, Tokyo
    2. Florence, Italy
    3. Sankt-Peterburg, Russia / Hong Kong, China

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 Apr 2010, 11:26
    1. Japan ♥
    2. England
    3. Romania

  • 1) Japan (deuuh)
    2) Belgium


    ....I tried, you win
    My life, is ripping your heart out and destroying my pain!
  • 1.Japan

    i really hope that i'll live in Japan hah

  • 1.Holland

    • Pain14 said...
    • User
    • 26 Oct 2010, 00:01
    1. Japan
    2. Finland
    3. Australia

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  • 1. Japan
    2. California
    3. S. Korea

    it's been my dream for years to live in Japan. ♥

    this world is only gonna break your heart.
  • 1 - Japan
    2 - Egypt
    3 - USA or other Asian country like Korea.

    But I really love my country... and I'm very proud I'm from Poland.

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