Trance, lol

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    • 11 Sep 2011, 22:37

    Trance, lol

    Let's do this...

    36 albums, go!

  • oh you

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    • 11 Sep 2011, 22:47
    Jam & Spoon - Tripomatic Fairytales 2001
    Paul van Dyk - Seven Ways
    Sasha & Digweed - Northern Exposure: Expeditions
    Paul Oakenfold - Goa Mix
    Markus Schulz - Without You Near
    Ferry Costen - GTM: Ibiza
    Robert Miles - Dreamland
    Hybrid - Wide Angle
    BT - Ima
    Kaito - Special Life

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    • 11 Sep 2011, 22:57
    kaito is the only trance i've heard and liked and even then it's pretty cheesy

  • Above & Beyond - Group Therapy
    Armin Van Buuren - Mirages
    10 Years of Anjunabeats

    ... give me time

  • Hallucinogen - Twisted
    Morphonix - Psycrowdelica
    Ott - Skylon

  • Northern Exposure is pretty much all the prog trance you need.

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    • 12 Sep 2011, 12:59
    I liked that one song about Children by Robert Miles.

    Worst case secenario, grab 20 albums from RYM charts, anything that gets discussions further than the same 5 dance music acts is cool by me and I could do with expanding my trance folder.

  • I remember visiting /b/ about 6 months ago (inb4 why.jpg) and just by chance I happened on a single thread, which got no replies, which simply read "HARD MODE : DON'T TRIP OUT TO THIS" and a link to this video :

    After watching that, I went and downloaded the whole album and it's probably the only trance album I can actually listen to all the way through.

    • fnew123 said...
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    • 29 Dec 2011, 18:27
    My suggestions...

    Ferry Corsten live at Dance Valley 2001
    Politics of Dancing vol 1 mixed by Paul van Dyk
    White Label Euphoria vol 1 mixed by John 00 Fleming
    In Trance We Trust vol 7 mixed by Misja Helsloot
    Nu NRG - Freefall
    Anjunabeats vol 1
    A Trip In Trance vol 3 mixed by Lange and Plastic Angel
    Global Underground 007: New York mixed by Paul Oakenfold
    Global Frequencies: Tokyo mixed by Mark Lewis
    Global Underground 013: Ibiza mixed by Sasha
    Trance Nation 1 mixed by Ferry Corsten

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