The Knife in New Places.

  • The Knife in New Places.

    I was in "Capital" bar in Glasgow last night - a disgusting student bar (which on the plus side is £1 a pint on Tuesdays) on Sauchiehall Street "Strip" and they were playing We Share Our Mother's Health.

    It upset me slightly.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences of The Knife's good name being dragged through the mud like this?

  • yes!

    I heard we share our mothers health on this fashion bit on LK today haha.
    and i heard like a pen on radio 1 at like 7.30pm a couple of weeks back

  • i heard marble house in topman yesterday

  • At least they havent achieved the ultimate kick in the teeth of credibility and had any of their tunes accompanying the Goal of the Month competition on Match of the Day or any other football highlights programmes.

  • One For You was on wife swap last night, wtf!

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