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  • Linkin Park WAS rapcore...
  • diRTy WoRMz - is true RAPCORE !!
  • Linkin Park isn't rapcore. RAtM is One of the greatest Rapcore Bands. Check Guano Apes its rapcore too.
  • Early LP is rapcore, but after their third album, they're not. RATM should be the top-tagged rapcore artist IMO.
  • Limp Bizkit is t3h bestest band 3v3r. Fred The Shred is also the greatest guitarest of all time
  • Both Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit are rapcore, you stupid "tr00" fags. If you don't really know definition of this kind of music, only telling if it's rapcore by going your own way of thinking by what is good for me and what is not. I don't really like these bands (LB a bit, but LP not even a little), but they are RAPCORE. BTW: Best rapcore bands are Clawfinger and Crazy Town.
  • yeah Limp bizkit is a boyband for Girls
  • ..... RAPCORE is FORGIRLS ..
  • linkin park is not RAPCORE ! iT's POP , it's a boy band ... even limp bizkit..... RAPCORE is DOWNSET ..
  • nice!
  • karma is out...check it out on our site
  • Check out Karma on albums list. Just released...Enjoy. Downsiid
  • Limp Bizkit rulez xD good music
  • 4eva


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