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  • Vader = atmopsheric?!, ok
  • Ævangelist is good.
  • where the fuck fallujah?
  • [artist]Tectum[/artist] - [tag]dark metal[/tag]/[tag]death-doom metal[/tag] band from [place]Ukraine[/place]. New album [album artist=Tectum]Path to Eternity[/album] is out now. Listen, scrobble;) some preview: [track artist=Tectum]Scorn, Greed, Damn[/track] [track artist=Tectum]A liar among us[/track] [track artist=Tectum]A poem about lost past[/track] [track artist=Tectum]Splitted Soul[/track] [track artist=Tectum]Autumn[/track] [track artist=Tectum]My Path to Eternity[/track] [track artist=Tectum]Outro[/track] download mp3 192k: order CD: [label]Endless Winter[/label]
  • then again being a 16 year old whose favorite genre of metal is nu metal speaks volumes about his credibility
  • the harvest wombs sounds nothing like planetary duality. jesus christ some people are utterly retarded
  • @Evisceratorium Fallujah is incredible. I feel bad for you that you don't enjoy their music.
  • "Need to add Fallujah because of their atmospheric masterpiece The Harvest Wombs." haha did you just describe "planetary duality with shitty washes of lead guitar" as a masterpiece
  • Why is vader here? They're pure death metal.
  • Yeah, Fallujah outright define themselves as atmospheric death metal.

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