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Band Zoster was formed in autumn 2000 on the initiative of Mario Knezovic and Drazan Planinic. A year later, drummer Goran Rebac and singer Marijana Pejic joined the band so four of them make the backbone of the band. ‘Zmajevi’, ‘Flomasteri’ are just a few names that band had changed during their first performances.

The present name of the band came up after Mario recovered from herpes zoster that he was diagnosed by a great fan of the band, a certain doctor Miko. Herpes zoster is a virus living in a human body and in the case of low immune system it results in a skin rash spreading gradually, whereas, Zoster came up as a result of a low immune system of the society and as a need to say and do something about it.

Zoster believes that reggae is the appropriate music for this turbulent area in which just a dosage of aggressiveness is too much even when it comes to music. Thus, band wants to convey the message of tolerance, peace, progress and affirmation and also a bit of education here and there. And love of course.

When the singer left the band Mario became the lead singer. The first time Zoster entered the studio was in 2003 in order to record a single "Majko Jamajko". After going through several crisis (the hardest one was to find people who think alike and who are good musicians at the same time), Goran, Mario and Drazan have decided to record a demo album. They did it in February 2004, never suspecting to become the Number 1 on the local radio stations. In the summer of the same year, Marko Jakovljevic and Atilla Aksoj joined the band acting as a breath of fresh air bringing it back to life. Their first gig in West Herzegovina Fest brought them their first victory.

After releasing album ‘Ojuzilo’, Drazan Planinic left the band and embarked on different life adventures. His place in the bend was taken by saxophone player Boris Gutic, who appeared as guest artist on ‘Ojuzilo’. There are a couple of songs that catched the ear of the fans and critics. One of them is a song „Policija“ for wich they have made a video having the biggest number of people beeing a part of it. About 150 people were included. Also there is a couple of more singles like; „Hercegovina“, „Majko Jamajko“, „Kisa“… To promote the first CD, the band was touring all around balkans, and Europe, telling they're story to ther people, and seeking for inspiration for a new material.
In the year 2006. band is entering the studio again and records 16 tracks from which they made selection of 12 songs to put on the second album "Festival Budala".
When listening to this album you can notice a big difference comparing with "Ojuzilo" in production quality, arrangements, lyrics and music that goes with them. CD as a whole has his own rythm and sense taking you on the short ,safe and sweet drive through the life and the expirience of the band. Singles that follows the album are; „Ko je jamio, jamio“ , „Utopia“, „Na kamenu“, „Festival Budala“.

The same names make the band Zoster today: Mario Knezovic - vocals, guitar, Boris Gutic – saksofon, Atilla Aksoj - guitar, keyboards, percussions, vocals, Marko Jakovljevic - bass, guitar, Goran Rebac - drums, marimba, percussions, vocals

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