• Remix Journal

    8 mai 2008, 5h18m par ninhurt

    It's been around a week now since i was googling randomly and found that my remixes were on so I signed up, claimed my artist and lost in the world of I became.

    I was thinking about why I spend time making remixes of NIN tracks... who I make them for and what I want out of it. I came to the conclusion that I dont want anything, maybe some feedback but thats about it.

    If you by some chance davel in the world of remixing for no real purpose except for your own feeling of satisfaction, let me know, im always up for listening to peoples attempts to make a track into something more (or to simply destroy it altogether).

    A couple of remix artists I've found so far... (including NIN ofcorse)
    Nine Inch Nails
  • NINtastic!

    6 mai 2008, 4h48m par ninhurt

    So... it would seem that lately being a Nine Inch Nails fan is starting to pay off, right? I mean a new album yesterday out of nowhere... Ghosts before that and Year Zero, its all starting to come together quite nicely for the Nine Inch Nails fan community.

    I've spent some time listening to "The Slip" now, does anyone agree that at first glimps it seems like more of a "B-side's Compilation"? maybe some left-overs from the "Year Zero" saga?... If it is then this means we have another REAL full-length album (YZ Pt2) on the way!... but ofcorse I could be (most likely am) wrong.

    That aside, "The Slip" is excellent!... I always get worried that Trents going to mellow out (to a certain extent), and stay mellow. Luckely this hasn't happened. Dont get me wrong "Ghosts" is amazing, but I know deep down we're all hungry for some agressive NIN static!

    Initial Favourites from "The Slip";