• The Peculiar Function of Being 'Civilised'

    13 déc. 2010, 8h56m par Gone_Wishing

    As per usual, title = first book, random page, first sentence sighted. This one is from Half of Man is Woman by Zhang Xian Liang. This time I've decided to give it context... Full paragraph at the end of this post.

    On a slightly different tangent, this entry is a little more specific to Pretty simple - (mostly) a selection of the best music freely downloadable on that I found this year (not necessarily released this year), accompanied by their most poular tags and three similar artists, to hopefully give a general idea where they're coming from. Many of the similar artists will also have free downloads, so check them out, too.

    Some of these can't be downloaded directly from, but either the links to do so are on the profiles, or included here. Many of these artists can also be found on Bandcamp or other sources (net labels etc), where the download quality is a little better - if you sample something and like what you hear, make sure you look 'em up and get the best quality download available. …
  • The Landmark 100 : The Last Push Towards Fame (15th May)

    15 mai 2010, 20h10m par HumanRejection


    This is the first incarnation of the Under 100 Listeners Magazine, part of a sequel of weekly magazines starting and ending on a Saturday. They will appear in different sections of the magazine. This part is The Landmark 100 where all the artists below are nearly to the point of achieving the highest goal at Under 100 Listeners.

    The Last Push Towards Fame
    The artists below have either got above 70 listeners or are HR's favourites to overcome the 100 landmark by being in the edition. The artists are playable by and this magazine will encourage more listeners in, to the known artists below being connected across All artists are connected with these artists below in either music or via tags. So listen and comment below on what you thought of them. I will edit and do the same with the ones I think are the ones to look out for in the future.

    Anton Oosterwijk
    Blues for spacegirl
    Brian Scroggins
  • New Microtonal Discoveries

    4 mai 2010, 20h53m par Sevish

    Anybody who knows me knows I'm a nut for microtones. I've been looking at tag here on and seen some new tracks being tagged as microtonal - but most of it is ambient or minimal sounding, some other is shoegaze kinda stuff.

    While I'm more interested in music with a lively and easy-going pulse such as Omega Dub by Tony Dubshot, I thought it'd be good to mention some of this next stuff.

    fydhws's Eden i Dva

    Will report more as I find them...