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  • Who Ralph the cowdog?
  • am I high?
  • dear god this is cheerful.
  • Nate looks so cute :)
  • I love this song man, the video is so trippy!
  • I will not let you gooooo :3
  • ...what ravenclaw94 said.
  • I have mixed feelings about this band, but I really like this song. I agree, the vocals are their redeeming quality.
  • come love!! I will never let U go!
  • Surprisingly... fun :)
  • oh fun., how i love you.
  • Definitely their best song :D!!!
  • (:
  • <3
  • yeah!
  • Reminds me of talking heads.
  • I listen to fun. radio...nothing. I listen to The Format
  • this is definitely one of those songs that makes you want to dance....well, i guess that's Fun. for ya!!!!:))))
  • This is such a great song!!!! Love the live version too :)
  • This makes me happy and want to dance! good! :))
  • sounds a lot like Vampire Weekend
  • <3 <3 !!!
  • When I listen to this, I like to imagine that Nate Ruess became the new singer of Vampire Weekend. It makes me daydream about them collaborating.
  • Great happy summer tune! :)
  • how you lost your mind -part = LOVE ♥
  • Live in Dallas:
  • i knew i heard this in a commercial, i thought it was a sprint commercial though. anyway, hopefully it'll get them some recognition, even though it was pretty obscure
  • really addicting and fun
  • Check out the video here:
  • Nanananana!
  • I feel proud that I knew about them before the Expedia commercial (well technically when Nate was in The Format but, whatever).
  • This makes me smile.
  • Catchy as heck.
  • <3
  • This wasn't my favorite song on Aim & Ignite by any means, for a long time. I don't remember when/where I heard it with a female harmony during the the hook and for some reason that triggered me *loving* to sing along to it.
  • I love this.
  • "anyone else love the distorted "skin and bones" background part or is it just me?" I do too, haha.
  • the 'have you lost your mind' is definitely the best part by far
  • reminds me of J. Geils Band: "My Blood run cold, my angel is a centerfold, na na na na na na..." centerfold.
  • eh. It's alright at first then tends to get annoying
  • I love how the songs on Aim and Ignite are so diverse, but still are similar :D they all make me want to dance♥
  • Really fun - lots of genres in there, but ultimately totally unique
  • Such a great track!
  • The na na nas bring the Captain Jack DDR song to mind. :I
  • The song started and I was all like YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  • really liked format.. this a great new band from Nate Ruess... killer voice


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