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Heart's All Gone (3:15)


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  • your strongest lines of defense are all just self-inflicted wounds.
  • Travis played very well on the drums i think. One of my favorite songs
  • this is a dope song
  • I love "Heart's All Gone Interlude" ! ;D
  • You seemed so sweet at the start but the start's all wrong. You say you speak from your heart but your heart's all gone.
  • dope song !
  • so "dammit or josie" or whatever it means.
  • Combine the song with the interlude to create an epic song.
  • Travis.
  • this is a good song
  • best song on Neighborhoods!
  • Great song. [2]
  • Great song.
  • definitely finest Neighborhoods song - teh drums and finally Mark's vocals made this number seven actually number one for me for this album
  • Travis ! <3
  • Best song on the album!
  • Dem drums. [2] That's actually exactly what I came here to say xD
  • worst song on the album imo
  • I'm gonna go with stupid lol.
  • Now this is blink 182!!!
  • On first listen right now and this song strikes me the most, fuck it's good
  • Dem drums.
  • Breakdown is dope.
  • it's so awesome with the interlude... i totally love it
  • It's alright but probably my second least favorite song on Neighborhoods.
  • tupatutupatupatutupatutupatutupatutupa - it's all that matters [2]
  • Best song on the new album... by far! The interlude before is brilliant too.
  • " yeah your heart's all" <3 this song is finally growing on me
  • Who cares what memories it stirs inside your mind... JUST ENJOY THE MUSIC.
  • Kinda reminds me of Millencolin, somehow.
  • This is VERY blink!
  • It sounds Offspring-ish to me...? It's probably the riff. Anyway, growing on me.
  • The mixing on the album version is so much better than the version that has been floating around the interwebs.
  • tupatutupatupatutupatutupatutupatutupa - it's all that matters
  • so so good
  • personally I think it's the drums that make it sound "old", they are like a throwback to Scott but with Travis' accents.
  • You say you speak from your heart but your heart's all gone.
  • I'm stuck between Heart's All Gone and After Midnight as my favourite from the new album
  • ride cymbal in the chorus
  • It's like Dude Ranch meets Self-Titled. [4] And I like it!
  • Heart's All Gone is old Blink, After Midnight is mid Blink and Up All Night is new Blink.
  • "It's like Dude Ranch meets Self-Titled." I'd say it's more like Dude Ranch meets +44, but whatever.
  • There are two different confirmed tracklists floating around, one where this song is featured as a bonus track for a deluxe edition, and one where this song is featured as track on the main album. Personally, I prefer the latter.
  • I love how different this is from their last album
  • It really depresses me that this is a bonus track. But then that means the album as a whole is amazing.
  • It's like Dude Ranch meets Self-Titled. [3]
  • awesome!!!! blink-182 is back!
  • I'm stunned, this is actually pretty good. Unlike the new stuff by Sum41, which is not.
  • It's like Dude Ranch meets Self-Titled. [2]


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