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  • A visit to the UK wouldn't go amiss.
  • Saw her last night in Atlanta, amazing show!
  • Отличное шоу, респект, в такой дубак в платьях...стойкие музыканты )
  • And please, come someday to Spain! Your tour dates are always for Belgium or the US :/ and Barcelona's Cruilla Festival would feet perfectly your music!
  • Great to see you in Woman's Day Doodle and great to see new album already available to preorder. Love you =)
  • No release date yet for "Flashback to the present"?
  • Is this an all-female band? It appears to be, but I can't tell from the group photos.
  • Paroles Paroles (Feat. Vincent Cassel) <3
  • Zap Mama is my favorite of all these days, can't get enough of her voice. What a great talent. A voice that heals...
  • super
  • Just a little bit more than 1000000 plays?? Zap Mama deserves to be more mainstream than Lady Gaga and Jonas Brothers together!
  • Queen!! Alright! шикарная песня! <3
  • You should listen to her appearance in DJ Krush`s song)))
  • Пропустила концерт в Питере, эх...((( Waiting for Z.P. in Moscow so much!:)
  • I had to listen to a little À Ma Zone today... one of my favourite albums of all time!
  • Let me just say one thing: wonderful :-)
  • ♥ ♥ ♥
  • like bandy bandy!
  • love !
  • она шикарна
  • @ Shining Star...YES Rafiki, was that was the first CD? I love that song!!
  • <3
  • Hmmmmm honey I love your voice! You are the way x
  • much respect!!!
  • ♥ Rafiki ♥
  • I love WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • <3
  • How come I saw the band in 2002 live as a 7+ piece band with drums, guitar, bass etc and backup singers? I updated da wiki. And YES, Great band ....
  • Hi !
  • Ancestry in Progress was by far her best !!!!
  • I just love them, Recreation put the soul back to the first two but my favorite will always be Ancestry in Progress. Zap Mama come in London!!!
  • I agree with Emilio007. The first and second albums are better.
  • first two albums are unique indeed.but after them too ordinary
  • она божествена
  • good band
  • what happened to their double bassist?
  • Zap Mama was AMAZING this weekend @ Lollapalooza! see what you missed!
  • love herrrr!
  • zap mama is amazing, i can't believe more people don't know about her. i got a lot out of this article about her:
  • yeah recreation is recommended to everyone
  • New LP is pretty good.
  • [url][/url] for the dutch fans \0/
  • Zap Mama needs to be given more props
  • I think I need to re-visit Adventures in Afropea 1.
  • <3
  • GOOD
  • great women, great style, loooove them
  • love her :)
  • I would marry her, if I could.


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