• Yellowcard / Acceptance Concert

    14 nov. 2005, 6h06m par dfricker

    Oh snap sons, Yellowcard and Acceptance came to Pittsburgh, Pa. tonight and they performed in this church. Seeing them in a smaller building was better than having them perform in a big venue. Acceptance was good live, their lead singer has a great voice. They played almost all the songs off their phantoms cd plus a cover of the beatles' song eleanor rigby. Yellowcard was ill, they played cigarette and a.w.o.l off their "one for the kids" cd then six or seven songs off "ocean avenue" plus avondale off their underdog e.p. and then four songs on their cd coming out in january. Their new stuff is pretty good. Their drummer Longineu Parsons III is crazy, his dreadlocks are amazing, and Ryan Key's hair was as yellow as ever. Sean Mackin on the violin was tight as hell too. This concert was glorious, just remember, if you're gonna rip my heart out, could you use a knife that's dull and rust in color...