• Most Played of 2010

    2 jan. 2011, 2h07m par Incognito64

    To keep with the tradition of logging my listening habits in a given calendar, here are my most played artists, songs and albums of 2010:

    10 Most Played Artists:
    1. The Dillinger Escape Plan - 292 (292 overall, #46)
    2. Sleigh Bells - 242 (247 overall, #58)
    T-3. Gorillaz - 178 (597 overall, #13)
    T-3. Flying Lotus - 178 (178 overall, #83)
    T-3. Crystal Castles - 178 (388 overall, #26)
    T-6. Brand New - 177 (239 overall, #60)
    T-6. Vampire Weekend - 177 (430 overall, #22)
    8. The xx - 163 (270 overall, #55)
    9. Wavves - 157 (358 overall, #32)
    T-10. LCD Soundsystem - 149 (374 overall, #29)
    T-10. Deerhunter - 149 (304 overall, T-#41)

    As usual, most of the artists also had an album released in 2010 (except for Brand New and The xx, whom I gave plenty of carryover love to their 2009 albums.) I downloaded Dillinger's discography in early January and haven't looked back since, as I am now obsessed with their highly technical mathcore. …
  • C’est ne pas une dix première liste.

    1 jan. 2011, 8h52m par quitepeculiar

    2010. Man, what a fucking year.

    2010 was the year I struggled to complete my Master’s studies, was forced due to visa issues to leave a city I didn’t want to depart, fought off a rabid bear and struggled overall with the awkwardness of carving out who I’m supposed to be. Okay, so I didn’t fight a bear, but still, this was a year of upheaval, both for myself and for the rest of the world.

    In light of All the Shit, I submit my audio nerd list of 2010 not as a “Best of” list. This year saw the release of many albums by wonderful artists, but I may not have heard them. Granted, no single top ten list is by any means definitive, as all of us, no matter how much we love listening to music, can’t have listened to every single album that came out, nor even every single good album. ‘Good’ is itself relative, after all; there isn’t any amount of Top Ten, Top Fifty or Top Eighty-two lists that can convince me The Suburbs is the best album of this year.

  • Yeasayer - April 27, 2010, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

    30 avr. 2010, 23h21m par clivestaples2

    Yeasayer is a group of rock stars. I think the band is finally coming to terms with this. I'd seen them a few times, with the common thread being that they were extremely adept musicians doing everything they could to translate their talent to a live venue. This time around, I became convinced they finally found their sound, and because of it, the group is having a little more fun enjoying their earned status. Yeasayer needn't have been nervous to play a sold-out show at First Avenue, but they did have a lot of expectations to live up to. It's the first major tour to support the sophomore album, so I was eager to hear the balance between the old and new. The beauty is that onstage, they create one thematic sound and bend their catalog ever so slightly around it. The tinny tunes from All Hour Cymbals get amped up, and the new dance hits are not relied upon as pillars of the set, but are rather parts of the whole.

    The band comes onto a stage with four lighted squares for…
  • Dibder's 2010: Winter/Spring

    25 mars 2010, 14h32m par CvaldaVessalis

    Hello anyone and everyone; have been keeping my profile rather low lately, and I'd like to say it was through absolutely no fault of my own, but I did spend the first two months of the year re-rating my iTunes library. A brief absence of Internet at home put paid to my loggings-on also, and have made a point of listening to new music away from this year so as not to scrobble anything immediately without even a first impression. That and becoming more than a little obsessed with the likes of Being Human (best TV drama in recent memory... YES, INCLUDING DOCTOR WHO!), Glee (best TV comedy in recent memory... if it survives the Madonna episode AND the inevitable Glee-themed live episode of American Idol), the fabulous awesomeness that is Lacey Turner on Eastenders, iamamiwhoami's rather awesome virals (despite the initial disappointment, am slowly but surely getting over the fact that it actually isn't Christina Aguilera) and, rather tragically, by how so many young celebrities have shifted their mortal coils recently…
  • [My Gang] Yeasayer - O.N.E : Reco of the Week 16 March 2010

    16 mars 2010, 19h54m par Babs_05

    Track: O.N.E (23 March 10)
    Artist: Yeasayer
    Album: Odd Blood
    Tags: , ,
    Video: Click the pic... YouTube, official video

    I've been in love with this track for such a long time, as has everyone else in it seems if the charts are anything to go by. Last week, the new video for the track was released to online music magazines only, subject to regional permissions. Rolling Stone had global rights but their tiny little screen was of no use so I couldn't reco it here. Today, Mute uploaded it to YouTube, at long last. O.N.E is to be released as their new single on 23 March.

    Expand the screen when you view. Marvel at the freaky man driving the car! Gasp at the Evil MySpace Background clothes! Admire the high tech electronic instruments!

    Freaky Man with the bubbly head goes into a club, doesn't smile at anyone, not that they'd notice anyway because they're all too busy posing. …
  • Album Review: Yeasayer - Odd Blood

    13 fév. 2010, 22h59m par Sateloista

    The second album from the New York experimental rock band Yeasayer following up their acclaimed 2007 debut album All Hour Cymbals is characterized by a meshing of several different styles of music into their own sound, which is done mostly quite effectively through the album. Electronic instruments and textures feature prominently throughout the album and the vocals are often soaring and optimistic, at times reminiscent of the band dredg.

    Odd Blood begins an with odd, creepy sounding track titled “The Children” which features low, distorted vocals that carry throughout the song. The next song, and first single of the album, “Ambling Alp” is somewhat jittery and uplifting, contrasting the downbeat ominousness of the first track, characterized by optimistic vocals and brighter electronic sounds and textures. The lyrics suffer from being a bit lame and cliched (“You must stick up for yourself, son”; “the world can be an unfair place at times / but your lows will have their complement of…