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  • Sometimes i wonder what peoples are on...
  • creepy
  • i wanna be this guy's CD
  • @bio-meat again: Clearly you did not comprehend my simple point. To answer your question, well, if I used Hindi myself regularly, it would be quite nice if people typed my name in Hindi. If I didn't use Hindi myself, it would be quite irrelevant to me what scripts other people decide to use for themselves. As it happens, Tone uses English extensively in his daily life and writes his own name in English in many contexts, so it's obviously analogous to the former case. I often tag music in the artist's native language, but not always. It generally depends on whim, convenience and motivation, among other nebulous factors. There's no strict rule to follow or a distinction of right or wrong; it's simply a subjective choice people are free to make for themselves. Metadata should be linguistically transparent. That is the paradigm of Google and the paradigm of the future. Lastfm is like the dark ages of software. Thanks for sharing your attempts at stinging barbs. 不断尝试.
  • @bio-meat: It's not wrong; it's just an alternative. The only thing that's wrong is lastfm's primitive metadata technology. Tagging in different languages creates equivalencies, not corrections. I could tag Yasunao Tone in Greek script and it would be equally correct as Japanese or English. This guy has been in the USA for a long time and publishes with his English name pretty extensively, so I don't mind using his English name. So anyway, save your trite bile for some other target where it's needed. Also, "western" and "eastern" are idiotic, delusional, naive, meaningless, incoherent, useless, ignorant, infotainment, pseudo-intellectual concepts, so you should quit using them. Also, it's not advisable for the pot to call the kettle black either, so take a look in the lastfm mirror and behold your typical avant-garde postmodern "western" nature. :D
  • His height and age are part of his appeal, he looks like a man who fancies feeding ducks in a pond, not a fluxus genius
  • Enfermamente lógico...
  • iiiiiiiiiiii llllllliiiiiikkkkkeeee iiiiitttt
  • Aw, when I saw him, he liked my dress. He maybe a short old man, but he is a short old Fluxus art man who complimented me... thus, he wins.
  • I agree with my old account two years ago "this man is divine"!!

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