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  • I thought that I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler wouldn't be so cheesy, repetitive and uninspired piece of crap
  • yacht = hyper-repetitive bullshit. go back to your pysch 101 class you talentless fucks
  • que disco bom
  • I love The Future Would Be Cooler! And I didn't really like their previous albums.
  • Yeh, I thought The Future Would Be Cooler is a fucking banger, loving it.
  • Opener is excellent. Rest is iffy at best, apart from a few standouts. My full review here:
  • DISCO'S NOT DEAD. New album is a banger. One of the best electronic records of the year.
  • Works Like Magic is extremely underrated
  • i said a-where da hell does this disco? makes me want to take more ecst
  • It's not like Yacht is going to be on Clear Channel Radio and ruined by being overplayed. More recognition means more revenue, more revenue means more albums and more tour locations. It will all be just fine, everybody. You came here to love on a great band, so focus on that, yah?
  • Where Does This Disco? <3
  • fucking shame this gr8 band was discovered by Callewaerty :P
  • GTA V. Great song!!! I <3
  • Don't worry, Callewaerty. Soon you will grow up and stop caring about who does or doesn't listen to your precious music.
  • fuckin shame this gr8 band is being discovered by gta V kiddos
  • GTA V. Great song!!! I told you your dreams would come true I told you your dreams would come true I told you your dreams would come true I told you your dreams would come true
  • she looks like gwen stefani mixed with channy leaneagh
  • Party at the NSA! Marc Maron effing shreds!
  • Are they witches?
  • i like how yacht's type of music is all the rage now yet yacht is ignored
  • Synthesizer fans & lovers & addicts are all welcomed!
  • I dipped Claire last night :)
  • come to tocantins - brazil please haha
  • come to sao paulo - brazil please
  • I've been listening to these guys for a long ass fucking time!
  • acid trip music who the hell can hate that
  • let's eat a lot of candy and dance spastically whilst on sugar high
  • it's not hard to understand, it's just good indietronic pop music.
  • Still don't understand the fascination with this band. Garbage.
  • 10 year anniversary show December 8th!
  • love them
  • So many memories!
  • definitely worth seeing them live, saw them a few days ago with the presets
  • B-52s gone mad! [2] omg lol that's exactly what I came here to post, lmao
  • B-52s gone mad!
  • fuck da haters, team yacht [2]
  • fuck da haters, team yacht
  • Never heard about this band after I saw video for - Le Goudron. Awesome! ->!/bubble/indie-talk/topic/4f97d38efe3dd13f6b0346a4/post/4f97d38efe3dd13f6b0346a5/filter/1
  • Come to Braaaazil!!!
  • I had the misfortune of seeing these support LCD Soundsystem. Probably one of the top 5 offensively shit bands I've ever seen
  • guys recommend me some good band!/parafreak69
  • it worth to see them live?
  • Photos from the other night at Music Hall of Williamsburg -
  • I appreciate the lyrics to Dystopia.
  • OMG I can't fucking wait to see you on valentines day :D
  • Noisey in concert with Yacht:
  • These comments made me leave.
  • Mitchell Davis brought me here!
  • LiVELAVALiVE brought me here! :)
  • That similar artists list.


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