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  • pls come back
  • RIP (2)
  • RIP
  • disappointing.
  • Hey guys! Check this band.
  • Can't wait to hear Chalmers, a new band with Matt and Justin.
  • New album sounds a bit boring, self titled is way more dynamic.
  • damn, i missed out on these guys way too long.
  • RIP :(
  • RIP i'm probably going to cry at their last show ever, idk.
  • Pouring out a mt. dew for WWS.
  • RIP [2]
  • RIP
  • Two things: - I don't like screamo - Blame & Aging is freaking cool!
  • Blame and Aging is one of our Top albums of 2012!
  • consistent throughout 3 LP's, how amazing.
  • I feel like such a fucking chump for barely realizing that they released a record in October. welp, true fan here.
  • Those bass lines are so good.
  • new album is perfect. I may even like it more than the s/t, which is hard to say because I really fucking love the self titled (also, I've seen these guys live 3 times... one of my favorite live bands)
  • I just jizzed in my pants
  • Great new album!
  • This is fucking amazing)
  • Blame and Aging or After The Lights....Arghh!!! Both so good.
  • Digging their new record. Not too screamy. I like how they got 90's post-rock influences in their music.
  • I kind of find this album boring...liked the previous work a little more. Maybe it'll grow on me.
  • blame & aging is fantastic!
  • rad dudes. rad tunes
  • These guys are fabulous.
  • New album's streaming, it's great!
  • This is fucking great.
  • New album. Can't wait.
  • Great band.
  • its free. its new skramz. its good. why not give it a shot>? Download "Mass Graves (we would be better off)
  • v European Tour Tape free download on
  • iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook-self titled red out of 300.
  • They gave a song for a compilation I did for French websites [url=]Alternativ News[/url] and [url=]Play It Loud Fuckers[/url], you can [url=]download it here from free[/url]. Alternativ Newcomers 2012 features 45 free songs from some of the best up and coming bands of today's scene, including Title Fight, The Horrible Crowes, I Am The Avalanche, Balance And Composure, Basement, Sharks, Joyce Manor, Rotting Out, Spraynard and many more. [url=]Download it and support those bands, share it around![/url]
  • Maybe we're not young bucks anymore, I turned 21 this september. WHOOOOOAAAA
  • Vote this up, so they'll have a nice b&w skramz default pic:
  • Young bucks?
  • things changed
  • Yes. encore!
  • fuuuuuuuuuck see you at the aether in cologne all my dreams just came true waaaaaaahhh


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