• most loved 2011 releases

    12 jan. 2012, 20h09m par alapastel

    Was last year´s music a proof that contemporary art and culture have entered a crisis of quality, or is it that the prevalence of this opinion just confirms the deafness of the society towards its highest achievements?
    Do the most remarkable pieces of music created by artists of most unique points of view have to end as the least noticed or the hardest to get? Do they have to require more patience to be understood in comparison to the one- dimensional aggression of superficial songs? Or are these just some pseudo-intellectual excuses for the fact that marginalised music is simply boring?
    Are there still artists whose goal is not just to multiply their production, attract attention and contribute to the general encouragement of narcissism? Do any of the musicians actually want to make a contribution to the development of spiritual worlds of their listeners? Or does the idea of an artist propelled with unselfish, altruistic reasons seem too ridiculous and naive in today´s world?