• The Ultimate List Series - Brutal Death Metal Edition 1.5

    29 oct. 2012, 13h26m par TheArtistBox

    Welcome to the list of brutal death metal bands. This will compile a comprehensive list of all brutal death metal bands that are tagged with such in my database. Thus, some maybe have noted beside them to move them to different journals in the near future as some are obviously confused. Later, artist profiles will be linked to the artist like my other journals within the series.

    History - Brutal Beginnings 1990-1993

    After the formation of death metal in 1984 the death metal scene took off with tremendous speed, thus why the timing and the 'first ever death release' can not really be mentioned without an argument or a debate about it.

    As Death Metal was taking over the Americas and then the world a band appeared on the scene creating a new wave of death metal. Often, now misunderstood as Modern Death Metal (which by the way isnt a genre , rather a wave), this up and coming garage band from New York was taking shape. …
  • Top 100 Albums, Eps, Demos and Other Releases 2011 (Edition 2)

    22 déc. 2011, 10h26m par TheArtistBox

    Top 100 Albums, Eps, Demos and Other Releases 2011


    Welcome to the Top 100 albums, EPs, Demos and Other Releases of 2011. I have created this list for my reference of great albums of the particular year and have compiled it from more than 1,000 choices.

    Year In Full

    Each Year that goes by Music in my eyes is becoming stronger and stronger, with more unique, powerful and engaging music than ever before. Yes, music has always been apart of our society in Human Culture. However, it seems now that the music industry is at the heart of our culture, our friends and our counterparts.

    2011 , has brought us more masterpieces, some dreadful disapointments and a high level of above average albums. As seen by my overview of this year (will be linked at the end of the year).

    Below, is a list I believe is the strongest since I started recording albums brillance in my paper log in book (2001). …
  • Не то глюк, не то так надо...

    10 août 2011, 1h42m par Thyeadeschatarr

    Забавно, что можно скроблить сразу с двух компов: наблюдаю с работы, что сейчас слушает жена. Конечно, можно завести разных пользователей здесь и на домашнем компе, но так тоже прикольно. Особенно, сочетание стилей.

    Да, открытие лета - Fleshgod Apocalypse, потрясные парни. Еще неплохо из новья Vistery и Nader Sadek.