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  • An ultra talented rapper!
  • The Priest of Bloodshed has so many lyrical gems!
  • Он известен также тем, что записывает свои куплеты в один раз, практически на одном дыхании. ... Да ну нахуй, тейков тонна.
  • Not big on rap, but I like Vinnie.
  • Крут.
  • PAZ !
  • he should be featured on a snowgoons album!
  • He's the boss. I can listen to all the JMT albums in a row and still not be tired, but solo shit is a little bit boring.
  • New Age Alternative Hip-Hop: Tsunami of Golden Souls -
  • He should make a collab with R.A. [2]
  • One of the greatest of all time
  • Army of the Pharaohs - "God Particle" (Official Video)
  • Slum Chemist is fucking awesome [3] lalala bamba ♪
  • aeae
  • Slum Chemist is fucking awesome [2]
  • He should make a collab with R.A.
  • Slum Chemist is fucking awesome
  • The new album is hot !
  • COME TO POLAND!! [1]
  • XLBaron - nahui poshel
  • That new shit "God Bless" is adictive as fuck. I just can't stop listening to it. Reminds me of "End of days" when i heard it for first time. God Bess Vinnie.
  • gordin da voz rouca que até arrepia
  • Confession doesn't work to a deeply disturbed preacher.
  • Darkness and Death:
  • You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train = the best
  • @TrashFrog religious dogma and thug pose to blame .Still i can't reconcile this attitude with his supposed communist/socialist connotations that in principle reject any form of intolerance also those address the issue of sexual orientation or gender identity .
  • Брээп
  • he's homophobic ? dafuck.
  • Battle Hymn & You cant be neutral on a moving train
  • awww yiss
  • new album is to good
  • end of days <3 the best song ever!
  • You cant be neutral on a moving train!
  • Dope
  • Don't listen to OldGodFlow, he listens to that no talent hack ASAP Sucky.
  • "lamest rapper ever?" Yeah, well at least one of them.
  • Battle Hymn, wonderful ;]
  • dont ever come at me with war!
  • V then something is wrong with you buay .
  • Not feeling God of the Serengeti...
  • expectin' that Stoupe will collaborate with vinnie again ...
  • Hot damn, God of the Serengeti! Such a sick album.
  • you mother fuckers made him bring the hologram back
  • альбом цепанул ,окуенно сделал
  • Prefer the God of Serengeti to Season of the assassin, better production. love "breathe" and "crime library"


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