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Van Halen


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  • As a follow up to 5150 I think that this is weak. :/ Right now it just doesn't do anything for me. The least impressive Hagar album for me. Finish What Ya Started is the hidden gem here, thought.
  • One of my favorite all time albums. Chris Campo gave me the cassette because our turntable was broken. I think he may have regretted that move.
  • I agree with the idiocy of forgetting volume knobs, but kidtronix may have a point. Engineers took a while to get their shit together with CDs in the 1980s - even I notice that quite a large number of early-CD albums sound tinny and midrange-saturated. Of course I could cure this by turning up the bass knob on my speakers, if I had one...
  • patres87: i agree. usually i don't think too much about production etc. but when i play this album it almost sounds like i've put a microphone next to a pair of headphones to get the sound to my speakers. good album, though...
  • One of the album that seriously need to be remastered !
  • Oh, you ate one too?

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