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  • They sound like "emo". Sorry , had say it .
  • Immortal Love (EP version) is brilliant!
  • People can wear what the fuck they want. [3] the person insulting a band for their image is always dumber than the band itself. Even when it's Brokencyde, and that's hard to do. [1] The sad thing is we see the same thing over and over again.
  • why these posers kids always have to attach to something else? (marilyn manson in case)
  • @soursaurus they're already popular miss. Check out their fb page and your mind will never rise thoughts again!
  • I feel as if they should be more popular; they're great. c:
  • SWAG!.
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  • I'm gonna go ahead and judge the book by it's cover. They blow.
  • screamo...hahahaha what a joke...
  • People can wear what the fuck they want. [2] the person insulting a band for their image is always dumber than the band itself. Even when it's Brokencyde, and that's hard to do.
  • The lead singur in this pic looks like Marilyn Manson and Max Green combined
  • He is trying to make aappearance looks like Motionless in white ? Emo/gothic , Anyway , i like the band , she is amazyng
  • not bad
  • ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  • пару треков из их творчества весьма доставляют.
  • очередная пидорская ебатень для педовок, BTW.
  • compared to cannibal corpse and kombichrist, they look pretty serious
  • I'd like to recover the wasted time that I lost listening to this piece-of-trash-band. Seriously, this band cannot be serious.
  • Who the fuck cares if they are Gothic or not. People can wear what the fuck they want.
  • manson dickriders everywhere
  • Vampires, vampires everywhere!
  • huesos's
  • seen them - disappointed :/
  • The great one..
  • This is a nice stuff. Just can't understand that they have so less plays here and on the other hand, they have 300,000 fans on Facebook. It's weird.
  • it was better before, copy marilyn manson
  • I Love Vampires Everywhere!!
  • Vampires Everywhere Rulez \m/ [2]
  • Vampires Everywhere Rulez \m/
  • Terrible
  • haha I'm not really gothic either
  • do they think they're a gothic band
  • i love this band i cant wait to go see them live
  • i seen this band in 2010 when they opened for xjapan and they were decent i seen them 2 years later and it was just noise the lead singer was trying to shove the mic up his ass spitting on him self pouring water on him self walking around with a bottle thinking he looked cool there a mason cover act now
  • I could see myself listening to this band if it weren't for the obnoxious auto tuning. totally ruins the feel of the song...
  • альбом 2012 - провал года[2]
  • They really shot themselves in the foot with an idiotic name and a retarded image. If they'd just called themselves something like "Andy and the Dicks" they'd have had more of a shot at acceptance.
  • New album is fucking horrible. There are only a few good songs. They are trying to go for that Marilyn manson, Rob Zombie, Static-x sound and it isn't working for them. The riffs are boring and repetitive. The first album and the ep were way better.
  • why the fuck vocal sounds like marilyn manson?
  • Oh, god. It's an autotuned pseudo-metal band for Twitards. Kill it with fire.
  • Great new album, and completely different than the debut.[2] Much better than I expected, these guys have really evolved and grown. Check the new Shit out!
  • Great new album, and completely different than the debut.
  • kiss the sun goodbye <3
  • альбом 2012 - провал года
  • Andy Sixx Everywhere!
  • so perfect
  • Hmmm. Not Bad Screamo (^_^)


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