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Desert Urbania (7:25)


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  • great
  • " I absolutely love the vocals." Seconded — all of the varying vocal styles they use in their songs are good and interesting.
  • v So glad that I'm able to find a huge amount of beauty in this song while others can't! ;)
  • just fuckin terrible, i want to set my ears on fire.
  • check out their live performance of this song on you tube....amazing to see them perform....did I say FUCK
  • unexpectedly good
  • Fuckin' shit!
  • waiting on their new album, should be sick.
  • just discovered this band, wow!!!
  • no
  • 5:23 = One of the best riffs ever!
  • Trancelike motiooon, absorb our potioooon!
  • electric solo !
  • I absolutely love the vocals.
  • Oh ye, i'll see Dream Theater, Opeth, Unexpect and Bigelf live! I can't wait 'till October!!!
  • At the beginning of the song, I thought WTF?? But by the end I was like, Damn they rock!!
  • <3
  • I just love that haunting piano in the end... Mmmm...
  • excellent! love this song
  • maaaad and great
  • very interesting and complex. its one that grows better over time i think. The female vocals are spot on, and beautiful. Unexpect ftw
  • truly mad but so good sound!
  • Oh.
  • they controle you, on host! motherf*****!
  • Guitar solo owns!
  • You Know this is made in Quebec!! Nice strong composition , i ear Danny Elfman behind
  • The outro is kickass
  • the vocals are incredible
  • echo $rand(music); = Unexpect = win
  • I just love how they start singing in this song...
  • .very eclectic
  • little bit of everything in this song...=0
  • Holy shit. This song was unexpectedly awesome
  • enu edayon éikkerpa sink and desert urbania \o\
  • Moon_Sword: I echo you're sentiments x]
  • All in all just a little too messy and nervous even though I do like complex music. Brilliant sections.
  • muy buena banda, por fabor hasta cuando soy el unico latino dejando notas
  • For some reason, this reminds me of Crotchduster if they took themselves seriously.
  • Exactly what I was looking for. The arrangments, as well as each individual part are beautifull Killer vocals.
  • This song is wicked cool...and very interesting. :P
  • That's an interesting blend of sounds and styles
  • If an orgasm could be turned into music, it would be this song. <3
  • seckz
  • Awesome grooves and keys!

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