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Underworld est un groupe de musique électronique britannique qui a débuté un peu avant les années 1990. Il est composé de trois membres : Karl Hyde (chant et guitare) Rick Smith (claviers, platines, effets) Darren Emerson (DJ) (ce dernier quitta le groupe en 2000).

Underworld est devenu une étape majeure de la musique électronique dans les années 90 par un mélange étonnant d'ancien et de neuf. Les deux hommes de tête du trio, le chanteur Karl Hyde et son compère guitariste… en lire plus

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  • New single is really Great! I Exhale:-)
  • <3
  • For over a decade of my life I've been listening to this band, and I've never, ever gotten bored or sick of them. I hope they never stop releasing material, whether new or old! Even their crappy tracks are at least interesting. I loathe JAL to Tokyo but I've never heard anything like it before or since. I could probably say that about almost every single song of theirs, even those that might be called more "by-the-numbers". I still haven't heard anyone come close to their early nocturnal techno stuff, there was just some crazy energy there... too hard to explain, but I'm sure ya'll know what I'm sayin'! Peace!
  • So hype for Barbara Barbara, we have a shining future! March can't come soon enough!
  • awesome!
  • 8 Ball ♥
  • On 2nd thought, having the ability to do the same with artists in addition to their individual tracks would be a nice feature to add to - a "love this artist" option that works just like "love this track". It appears that's what those favorite tags are attempting to do, but they're corrupting the tagging system without deriving the personal benefit they're seeking, because clicking on the "Favorite" tag brings up every artist tagged as "Favorite" by anyone not just their own favorites. While on the subject of new site features, another feature that I find strangely lacking is an easy, direct search by tag. As far as I know, now you can only do it indirectly by either knowing or guessing an artist who has that tag, going to their page, and then clicking the tag from there. And that's just a single tag search. Good tag searches support multi-tag searches so you can narrow down your search. Now you get a mega-dump of everything tagged with that term making it almost useless.
  • Have never understood why some people get so hung up on genre tags - not so much the people who tag, but the people who nitpick other people's tagging because it doesn't fit their views. Who cares! Most bands don't even like being labeled with a single genre because few bands fit solidly into only one genre, nor do they want to be viewed so narrowly by event organizers, promoters, and venue managers, or by the music-buying public. I use "standard" tags to search for music on sites like this but not for organizing my own very large digital library (150,000 tracks). I assign labels/genres that I like and make the most sense to ME, regardless of what anyone else thinks or uses. So IMO if you want to be creative and use a tag like "art techno", go for it! But the label that I find in the list of genres for most artists that makes no sense to me is "favorite" and similar terms. Don't these people know about the "Love this track" feature on That's the whole point of it!
  • Is there such thing as "art techno"? Cuz that's what these guys are [3] yes <3 NEW ALBUM PLEASE
  • I just saw these guys at the Hollywood Bowl...FANTASTIC SHOW!! They have always put on a great show and the crowed was living for these guys <3<3<3<3

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