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  • For over a decade of my life I've been listening to this band, and I've never, ever gotten bored or sick of them. I hope they never stop releasing material, whether new or old! Even their crappy tracks are at least interesting. I loathe JAL to Tokyo but I've never heard anything like it before or since. I could probably say that about almost every single song of theirs, even those that might be called more "by-the-numbers". I still haven't heard anyone come close to their early nocturnal techno stuff, there was just some crazy energy there... too hard to explain, but I'm sure ya'll know what I'm sayin'! Peace!
  • So hype for Barbara Barbara, we have a shining future! March can't come soon enough!
  • awesome!
  • 8 Ball ♥
  • On 2nd thought, having the ability to do the same with artists in addition to their individual tracks would be a nice feature to add to - a "love this artist" option that works just like "love this track". It appears that's what those favorite tags are attempting to do, but they're corrupting the tagging system without deriving the personal benefit they're seeking, because clicking on the "Favorite" tag brings up every artist tagged as "Favorite" by anyone not just their own favorites. While on the subject of new site features, another feature that I find strangely lacking is an easy, direct search by tag. As far as I know, now you can only do it indirectly by either knowing or guessing an artist who has that tag, going to their page, and then clicking the tag from there. And that's just a single tag search. Good tag searches support multi-tag searches so you can narrow down your search. Now you get a mega-dump of everything tagged with that term making it almost useless.
  • Have never understood why some people get so hung up on genre tags - not so much the people who tag, but the people who nitpick other people's tagging because it doesn't fit their views. Who cares! Most bands don't even like being labeled with a single genre because few bands fit solidly into only one genre, nor do they want to be viewed so narrowly by event organizers, promoters, and venue managers, or by the music-buying public. I use "standard" tags to search for music on sites like this but not for organizing my own very large digital library (150,000 tracks). I assign labels/genres that I like and make the most sense to ME, regardless of what anyone else thinks or uses. So IMO if you want to be creative and use a tag like "art techno", go for it! But the label that I find in the list of genres for most artists that makes no sense to me is "favorite" and similar terms. Don't these people know about the "Love this track" feature on That's the whole point of it!
  • Is there such thing as "art techno"? Cuz that's what these guys are [3] yes <3 NEW ALBUM PLEASE
  • I just saw these guys at the Hollywood Bowl...FANTASTIC SHOW!! They have always put on a great show and the crowed was living for these guys <3<3<3<3
  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Cool Music
  • Took me a few years after initially listening to it, but the glorious euphoria of dubnobasswithmyheadman finally clicked with me. Remaster sounds fantastic btw.
  • How is 'Underneath the Radar' only 119 on the charts? Sure I didn't even know it was the same band and it's quite a different style, but it's still a really good song.
  • Some photos from Hammersmith Apollo show, London.
  • So nice, tracks like Two Months Off will stuck in your head, cant wait to see them in Paris! (and/or cologne)
  • "Is there such thing as "art techno"? Cuz that's what these guys are" Uh... Ever heard of idm?
  • @froggafiend it seems so, but it's a little strange. I always thought it's their most underarted album, it received at time of release really weak reaviews. It was also always one of my favourite just behind great 90' albums (dubnobass, second infant, beaucoup).
  • Sola Sistim ♡
  • If you combine the two seperate entries in the albums list for A Hundred Days Off it actually works out as being Underworld's most popular album on here
  • Is there such thing as "art techno"? Cuz that's what these guys are [2]
  • Is there such thing as "art techno"? Cuz that's what these guys are
  • Latarnie Montpellier - Jumbo (Underworld cover)
  • Dirty Epic. <3 here comes Christ on crutches.
  • Check out Thing In A Book (also called 215 and uhh other things), a 20 minute beast that's buried on the 5 disc new edition of Dubnobass, and an old Dark & Long single with an interesting video and stuff.
  • Interesting article about Underworld and Dubnobasswithmyheadman:
  • I hate Wales being overlooked in touring by my favourite artists. Infuriating.
  • wish Darren would come back to the group... it is sad to see him in the profile since he is not there anymore...
  • OK London, you can solely have the 'DubNo.....' live experience, but they better fucking tour the 'Second Toughest.....'. No joke.
  • Finally! A dubno remaster!
  • Wow.
  • For anyone who doesn't follow Karl's diary: on March 31st's entry, the last two lines were "Returning to the studio for the next project, as it runs parallel with new u/w writing." Ahhhh yesssss~
  • he is a fucking badass guy
  • The Olympic techno sounds was good. Time for some new tunes and a tour.
  • Hard to believe I'm 24 and discovered this in 2014. Fucking great classics out there!
  • i thought Trainspotting was a self-help PSA
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI + Underworld have collaborate for "Play the Road" - execellent music btw
  • Moaner (Album Version)
  • If you found Trainspotting an ideal way to live you must be pretty dull.
  • "It is shame that the vast majority of people, to whom TRAINSPOTTING was an ideal how to live, were later forced by the society to adapt and to live like "honest, integrated citizens" (with me almost being one of them)... why????" who even asks this.
  • forever !)
  • Yep, Best Mamgu Ever is gold.
  • Do you like underground EDM? Then you might wanna listen to the duo [artist]Bitch Bros[/artist]! The most prolific rising underground EDM duo from Brasil! :D
  • Best Mamgu Ever seems sOOOOO underrated. One of the best downtempo electronic track ever
  • Are there any rumours about new stuff?
  • peach tree, everyone should listen to it.
  • It is shame that the vast majority of people, to whom TRAINSPOTTING was an ideal how to live, were later forced by the society to adapt and to live like "honest, integrated citizens" (with me almost being one of them)... why????
  • Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love!
  • cowgirl ^^
  • T R A I N S P O T T I N G
  • It's absurd to me that they didn't remaster the Dubno tracks on 1992-2002 to be as loud as the rest. I don't usually like anthologies, but that one would be great if it was consistent.


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