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  • review of Ultraista album published on (polish only, it`s good to learn new languages)
  • nahhh
  • no but i need FEMME too
  • Laura Bettinson leave FEMME, come back to Ultraista and give us a new album!
  • gooooold dayzz
  • Their lead singer is pure sex! [2]
  • Four tet sent me here. This is good stuff.
  • omfg these remixes
  • Simply the best.
  • so good
  • Fast becoming a favorite band
  • Nice
  • Ultraísta - Smalltalk (Sasha Involv3r Remix) (!!!!)
  • Ultraista – Small talk (Justin Martin rework) (!!!)
  • Ultraísta – Smalltalk (Four Tet remix) (!)
  • This is fantastic.
  • Their lead singer is pure sex!
  • Simply a wonderful, wonderful album!
  • The Ultrísta album is so good! One of best 2012 discovers!... by the way, loved original Smalltalk and the remixes! Sounds amazing.
  • fell in love right away
  • Gold Dayzz ♥
  • Our interview with Laura:
  • охуенные
  • aaoooaoauauwwaouaowuaw I MISSED THE SHOW
  • Very good album!
  • oh man Laura is drop dead gorgeous. Brilliant show.
  • @scottyheist it's his project pretty much though isn't it? so he should be
  • "Gold Dayzz" may be the best thing to happen to me in the last two weeks.
  • Our thoughts on the debut:
  • The album is only good if Pitchfork says so, am I right?
  • The two remixes are actually way better than the whole album.
  • Radiohead producer carries the album a lot.
  • Not sure why this is getting panned.
  • David Lynch remixes Strange Formula
  • Good album. Songs are a bit samey samey but it's enjoyable.
  • Вы такая таинственная, расскажите хоть что нибудь о себе. Small Talk (Four Tet Remix) чудесный трек. Спасибо за ваше творчество.
  • It's like Radiohead's last album in female. The Queen of Limbs.
  • stay away from radiohead music? he invented radiohead music, in part if you hear any similarity with radiohead then you will know it was always nigel godrich's stuff
  • only two tracks so far and i'm totally in love
  • god, just no female vocal please, stay away from radiohead music, create your own stuff- then everything will be fine
  • i hope they will release a first record - either ep or lp - soon. smalltalk is very nice. :-)
  • @Olh256 - balmy fool! That's Laura Bettison- rad as heck! Check out her work on 'Dimbleby & Capper' and 'Femme'. SO good. This band is really going to kick some arse.
  • Yes it is wOlh256 the band gonna be epic without Thom, there is atom for a peace for that.
  • Is it wrong that all I really want is "Smalltalk" with Thom on vocals?
  • MORE
  • Always wondered what Radiohead would sound like with a female vocalist. Got to say it's great.
  • fok
  • first jajajaja

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