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  • Vermis > Everything is Fire
  • Can't wait for a new album!
  • Awesome ! They remind me of Nero Di Marte.
  • Great stuff, patrolyeah!
  • Hello, if you want to hear something new, check out this black/death band:
  • Ulcerate is the sound entire of worlds colliding. Gorguts is the sound of getting lost in a labyrinth full of unspeakable and twisted horrors. Both devastating, but you can't compare.
  • Ulcerate > Gorguts
  • I actually prefer Ulcerate to Gorguts, and 'The Destoyers of All' to 'Everything is Fire'. Anyway, I'm excited for the new album. Would be an instant pre-order, were it not for the fact that everything I pre-order always arrives two months after the proper release date (with the wrong size T-shirt, if applicable).
  • [nothing else comes remotely close to this level of musicianship, execution and vision, not in this genre at least.] Nice description of Gorguts.
  • Sounds absolutely diabolical
  • Everything is Fire is quite obviously one of the best metal releases ever. This album is for death metal what Deathspell Omega's Paracletus is for black metal, or Converge's Jane Doe for metalcore; nothing else comes remotely close to this level of musicianship, execution and vision, not in this genre at least.
  • Man I can't wait to tell this dude on last fm about how he's wrong hell yeah
  • "Cause trying to top Vermis is gonna be like trying to top Reign in Blood." In the sense that the previous two albums already did it?
  • Yo also I need details on this new album. Cause trying to top Vermis is gonna be like trying to top Reign in Blood.
  • Yo Unorthodox listen to Everything is Fire. Better than Destroyers if you ask me.
  • The best word I can use to describe this band based off listening to Vermis and The Destroyers of All is dense. There's so much shit going on in such a small time period that it really takes two or three listens until each song can be truly appreciated for what it is. Amazing band all around.
  • interview with hamie saint merat of ulcerate
  • Ultra deep and impressive sound, love it.
  • Listen to Cessation a lot
  • Гении.
  • nice recommendation by Spotify!
  • Time flies by, it feels like Vermis came out yesterday.
  • "New album coming soon. " Damn, I hope that is true!
  • Death metal doesn't get much better than these guys. [2] My favorite modern death metal band for sure. Jamie's incredibly distinctive drumming really adds a sensitivity to their sound and subtlety you just don't hear in most newer bands....hell even most bands in death metal in general.
  • fuck you
  • Death metal doesn't get much better than these guys. Their ability to convey a sense of barely controlled total fucking chaos is unparalleled by anyone other than maybe Deathspell Omega.
  • Dats mah jam
  • Here some pics and impressions of the date in Berlin:
  • Nope, no statement. Just a subjective impression.
  • That is quite a ridiculous statement v
  • The Meshuggah of death metal. To me it sounds unfortunately just skilled, fast and boring :(
  • Vermis is the new pioneer in Death Metal. Honestly didn't think they could do it after "Destroyers" but holy shit was I wrong. Oh, and by the way come tour in Finland, we really need you here!
  • cold becoming m8 [2]
  • Pretty much every time I hear the song Vermis I get dangerously stoked
  • cold becoming m8
  • Weight of Emptiness
  • Such a sick band!
  • I saw them live two weeks ago in a field in France and it was spellbinding
  • I saw them live in 2009 and I could punch myself for not getting what kind of an honor it was.. i just wasn't ready for them I guess
  • They have pretty bad artwork, but what an amazing band. Can't imagine why they aren't more well known.
  • i love u dude
  • MICHAELETRON if u were here we wud hi 5 bro
  • i'm not gonna lie it's probably the coolest thing there is.
  • cause seriously not liking a thing fucking owns so hard
  • Yeah but then you can't feel extra cool not liking something on the internet
  • when it's not your kind of music it doesn't really matter how they sound on record. it just sounds like you're saying, "yeah they're boring because I don't like that kind of music." I can't think of a single reason why anyone would feel they're boring live without having a complete dislike for their style of music in the first place.
  • if you don't like the band of course you're gonna fall asleep. don't be a fag
  • I mean for real; I've never seen a band do what Ulcerate does live. They're borderline overwhelming.
  • Holy fuck Ulcerate is so good live.


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