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  • Avatar de Freecky
    Reminds me on Band of Horses on first listen.
  • Avatar de DirtbagAT
    Had a blast at Pisgah Brewery watching TBT tear it up! Will catch them next time the head South-Thanks guys!
  • Avatar de ibsuzib71
    Saw TBT at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago they absolutely rocked!
  • Avatar de tacopanda1045
    can't wait for you boys to bust it out at red rocks
  • Avatar de ryalmeida
    Anyone know if/when they're making a Canadian run?
  • Avatar de Treeguy900
    Come play in Thunder Bay Ontario!
  • Avatar de MusicDruthers
    At a Trampled By Turtles concert in Memorial Hall, it was a strange experience for a bluegrass concert - the venue was very fancy and not as intimate as a smaller location like Cat's Cradle could have been. The lead singer even said jokingly during the show, "Whoa, y'all feel so far from us right now," in reference to the distance between the stage and the front row. But one of the best things about Memorial Hall was their usage of lights - the strategic usage of lights bring a mesmerizing atmosphere that makes you feel displaced from the world and fully captivated by the essence of the concert. Read the rest of this blog at!! Like us on Facebook for live updates at and Twitter @musicdruthers
  • Avatar de negativeffect
    summerfest show brought the thunder
  • Avatar de Gale-permission
    love the sound of the Banjo~
  • Avatar de ZuoYiLong
    Love you guys. All the best from (Wales) UK, and China. x
  • Avatar de chupap
    if you do not like TBT then you have no soul and you've been corrupted and brainwashed by the radio, open your mind, the world will be a better place and maybe you can get your soul back.
  • Avatar de serenamatthews
    Y'all make my coffee funner.
  • Avatar de BruceLovesTacos
    I agree!! Asheville loves you.
  • Avatar de pacifiqueena
    Come back to Asheville, NC? Ya'll are so loved here.
  • Avatar de ZombiePsyche
    I really really dig their past discography, too. Trouble will always be my favorite album as a whole, followed by Duluth.
  • Avatar de ZombiePsyche
    S&S is a disappointment for me as well. I didn't expect it to sound so... "Indie Rock". Lame. Not to say I dislike Indie Rock, I just dislike TBT adopting more of that sound into their writing.
  • Avatar de Westonhal
    I like turtles
  • Avatar de PinKkFloyDd
    While Palomino is still my favorite over S&S, S&S is still pretty damn good.
  • Avatar de friendlyindian
    i have yet to be disappointed by them, boring? cant piss sunshine everyday, and if you did it would probably start to burn after know?
  • Avatar de muteoff
    It makes me sad to say the new album is a major disappointment. Palomino, though, that is still my favorite piece of bluegrass in recent memory. What an album!
  • Avatar de Punk-Fiction
    Stars and Satellites is insanely boring.
  • Avatar de MicroGlyphics
    So glad I happened on these guys. Better late than never. They put on a good show with These United States at the Metro in Chicago.
  • Avatar de giveconnorhugs
    Does anyone have two extra tickets for the show at the Metro tomorrow?
  • Avatar de chupap
    if sounds could describe what its like living in duluth, mn...then TBT is the epitome, Thank you for making me pround to be a minnesotain.
  • Avatar de cor3y
    codeine brings to mind towne van zandt's waitin' around to die, lyrically at least, which is a very good thing.
  • Avatar de poppunknerd182
    So much for that "Wait So Long" sound....this new album is terrible.
  • Avatar de Svartorn
    Took me too long to discover this band, but I'm glad I did.
  • Avatar de Meremres
    Great band, Blue Sky And The Devil rocks!
  • Avatar de Robishx
    So glad I found out about these guys.
  • Avatar de MFORCE310
    @RXKrista yes, it is.
  • Avatar de RXKrista
    Victory is just a masterpiece...Love these guys.
  • Avatar de Majorphaz
  • Avatar de cOlz
    holy shit. wtf is bluegrass?! whatever, this music rocks!
  • Avatar de cOlz
    holy shit. wtf is bluegrass?! whatever, this music rocks!
  • Avatar de cdransfeldt
    @LTHMPLS sure thing. I can't wait to hear the studio versions; I was quite impressed with what they played.
  • Avatar de LTHMPLS
    Thank you for that bit of happiness, cdransfeldt.
  • Avatar de cdransfeldt
    They said they just finished recording a new album tonight at the show in LA and the new songs they played sounded great.
  • Avatar de gabiioiq
    Oh, how I wish I was in your arms to rest my achin' bones.
  • Avatar de BruceLovesTacos
    Yeah, covering The my mind!
  • Avatar de gebhardino
  • Avatar de dancingabout
    Nice show under the thundering Blue Line.
  • Avatar de HipsterWorld
    Awesome cover of Pixies Where is my mind at Newport folk fest!
  • Avatar de R-Mac
    so what is this, legit bluegrass or watered down indie bluegrass? either way it's great stuff, anything like this out there, with the fast picking and the indie vocals, i'll be willing to get into it!
  • Avatar de TrampledXturtle
    Can't wait to see these guys. Listen to them while driving fast through the mountains of WV and Virginia, great fun. Will be driving up from Madeira Beach FL to Floydfest just to see them live!
  • Avatar de KaeoUnion
    V I just came here to say pretty much that
  • Avatar de MaritimeAviator
    Just saw them at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. They blew my mind. Best find of the whole festival.
  • Avatar de Drax420
    Wait so long great song hands down
  • Avatar de meme_mutation
    Codeine is a new favorite that gets the repeat button, but not a single track on three albums gets skipped.
  • Avatar de gabiioiq
    'Duluth' is so fuckin beautiful <3
  • Avatar de ChinkyindaBrain
    blue sky and the devil makes me want to have an IV of whiskey coursing through my veins...


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